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This Post Is NOT About Christmas

I’ve already written several posts about Christmas. As a huge lover of Christmas, this was a given. But seeing as how Christmas is less than 24 hours away now, I wanted to talk about something else, anything else. It’s because I care about the 3 1/2 people who read this blog and don’t want to inundate you with even more Christmas-y stuff when you’d probably like a short break, if only for a moment.

So… what to talk about? Politics? Nah, that’s far too depressing. Entertainment news? Nah, not enough substance. Cooking or recipes? Nah, you’ll see more food than you’d like today or tomorrow. So what then? It has to be something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, but may still be slightly enjoyable. Something that is relevant, but not important…

Ah ha! Television!! What is more mindless than primetime television? Nothing, that’s what. I’m going to talk about my favorite shows out right now. I warn you, I watch about 35 different shows. They’re on all year long though. Between summer seasons, fall seasons, mid-season replacements, and two-part seasons, I’m good to go with new episodes of my favorites all year round.

If I focused only on shows that have had a new episode between November-January and are still on the air (as in, will actually finish this season and also have another one), I’d still have over 20 to cover. So I will narrow it down to five. I’ll do my top 5 current faves and a mid-season premier I’m excited about.

#5 Glee: I love this show so much. I love musicals anyway, so the fact that they squeeze it into an hour episode each week just makes my day. I find myself so enthralled in their stories. Will Sam win back Mercedes? How will Finn and Rachel last past graduation? Will Kurt hold onto Blaine? Will Quinn or Santana ever stop being such a bitch? It’s all so intriguing. I love shows where the high school kids don’t act like they’re under 18. Good times. I mean, terrible example, but good times.

#4 How I Met Your Mother: This show is in it’s 7th season. If I were Ted Mosby’s kids, I would be threatening to slit my wrist if he didn’t get to the point of his damn story. But as as TV viewer, I want it to go on and on and on. Right now, I’m currently dying, dying, to know who Barney is marrying. Why are they holding out on me?! It’s been nice growing up with these folks. I mean, they’re six years older than me, but I didn’t start watching until Season 4, so catching up with re-runs felt like I was right on pace, you know?

#3 Once Upon A Time: This new show is my shit! I love all things Disney, and therefore all things fairy tale. Throw in Ginnifer Goodwin (whom I’ve loved since she was GiGi), and I’m really good to go. This show follows fairy tale characters who are cursed by an evil queen to live in the real world with no happily ever afters. Imagine Snow White and Cinderella being friends. Now imagine both of their evil queens being friends. Throw in Jiminy Cricket and a Rumpelstiltskin that’s both amusing and creepy, and you’ve got quite a cast. If you know the fairy tale stories, these complicated and interwoven storylines are easy to follow. Each episode gets more intriguing. When will they discover the secret? When will Snow White’s daughter believe? Does Rumpelstiltskin really know the secret? The suspense is almost unbearable!

#2 Revenge: This show is also in its first season. And I couldn’t be more enthralled. It follows a formula like I like. Each episode, Emily tries to take down someone who’s either responsible for framing her father or responsible for making her life more difficult.  You have to wonder how long her house of cards can hold up. The villains are layered and sometimes sympathetic. It’s a delicious story with an ending revealed in the very first episode. Like every other story you know the ending of, you just sit back and enjoy the journey to that inevitable end.

#1 Leverage: I love a good heist tale. Ocean’s Eleven is my favorite movie after all. But this show really makes me smile. It’s in its 4th season, and each show gets better. The formula is this team of criminals-turned-Robin-Hoods pull a job on someone taking advantage of someone who can’t defend themselves. Each season also has an arc it follows where there’s some major antagonist against the whole team that must be dealt with. This show is interesting because of the heist, the complex characters, and the plot lines. If you decide to watch it, I suggest you start with season 1 episode 1.

Mid-Season Premiere: House of Lies: Two words. Don Cheadle. I’ve loved him since he was in an episode of Fresh Prince back in the day. Funny, talented, serious and he has that certain joie de vivre. Before I even knew what this show was about, I wanted to watch it. I don’t have cable at home, and this comes on HBO, but trust that I’ll be catching it on sidereel. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the show:

House of Lies is an upcoming American comedy television series created by Matthew Carnahan.[1] The show, which will premiere on Showtime on January 8, 2012, is based on Martin Kihn‘s book, House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time.

What are you favorite shows? Do you lean more towards comedy or drama? Isn’t dramedy the best new genre ever?

Ways To GoAwry With Christmas Presents

As we are getting so super close to Christmas, I think a lot about the commercial and religious aspects of Christmas. Both are important to me. In previous posts, I talked of my altruistic ideas for Christmas, as well as some other tangible gift ideas.

I know a lot of people will be giving and receiving a good number of gifts this holiday season. Gifts that come in wrapping paper or bags or boxes. Gifts that should make a person’s eyes light up as they remove the last layer of packaging to reveal the perfect gift. Gifts that, when properly chosen, really exemplify the real meaning of Christmas.

Okay, maybe I went too far on that last one. But still, you get my point. Christmas gifts, for whatever reason, are important. And there are a number of ways for it to go wrong, so here I am to the rescue!

1) Too much tape. Have you attempted to open an impeccably wrapped gift only to be thwarted by tape? I’m a huge fan of perfect, tight corner gifts that look like they were wrapped at a department store. But the tape is meant to hold the paper on, not to keep it locked down like a vault. Unless your gift is literally bars of gold, do not super glue that shit shut! A few pieces of tape here and there is sufficient.

2) Ridiculous paper. Don’t give a cartoon-ish paper on your gift to your grandparents unless you’re less than 10 years old. Don’t give a 5 year old that fancy schmancy paper you spent a ton of money on at Target. Trust me, watching him rip through the bronze and burgundy velvet paper will diminish the joy of your day by a full 4%.

2b) Beautiful paper that is still somehow ridiculous. Don’t get paper that is destructive to those around it. I just got a Secret Santa gift at work. It was beautifully wrapped in a chocolate brown and gold glitter paper with a golden ribbon tied in a perfect bow. And as soon as I touched it, I got glitter everywhere. Literally everywhere. In order to unwrap it, I had a pile of glitter on my desk, my hands, my lap, and the floor. I was wiping off my hands for a long time trying to get all that glitter off. I’d brought food with me to eat, but couldn’t eat it because I didn’t want to be-dazzle my insides! I felt like I was trapped in a snow globe! It was truly beautiful and truly disastrous.

3) Gifts that would be better for you that the person you bought it for. We’ve all seen the commercial where the husband buys his wife power tools. Don’t do it. Learn from Sears advertising and do better. If you want to buy a self-serving gift, buy a big screen that will service the whole house, or better yet, a trip for two to an island that will allow you both to escape the winter.

4) No gift at all. Do not proclaim to have a gift you can’t actually produce. There’s this scene in one of my favorite movies, The Holiday.

In this movie, Kate Hudson’s character is in love with this man who just cannot do right by her. He mentions he got her a Christmas gift. She reacts with pleasure by handing him his gift. As he takes it, he backtracks to say he doesn’t have her gift with him, and if fact, he’s probably mislaid it, but he’s sure he’s got her something somewhere. Don’t be that douche.

Of course, you could just go the simplest route ever: Give a $25 iTunes gift card in a gift card holder greeting card. But if you’re thinking of doing that, don’t. Not unless you’re shopping for a teenager who you will definitely disappoint if you actually try to shop for them. Good luck with your last minute shopping!

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E13, Season Finale

If you follow this show at all, you there was some chatter leading up to this last episode. They said someone was going to be disqualified, but they didn’t say who or why. Well, I can settle that right now. Angelea was disqualified by the producers because of something she disclosed. They didn’t say what or why. And then they just moved on with judging. This is after Angelea went through the entire competition, all the way up to the final runway.

I wonder what it was. Was she pregnant? Did she sleep with a cameraman? Did she get paid by some advertising company to do something? Who knows. And at what point was it disclosed? If you find out, let me know. Now on to the episode.

I’m not going to go too in-depth, just the highlights. Like every finale episode, they did a Cover Girl shoot and commercial that would become a national print ad for the winner. This time, they also added in a Vogue Italia shoot that would become the spread in Vogue Italia for the winner. All three girls did good on the Cover Girl shoot and the Vogue Italia shoot. It made sense that they were the top three cause they were all good, really good.

The other thing they do in the finale is a final runway show. They worked with designer Michael Cinco a handful of episodes ago on dresses for the final runway. The girls who made it to the final three (Angelea, Allison, and Lisa) all got to wear the dress they gave him design inspiration for. They also brought back Dominique, Self-Righteous Barbie aka Shannon, and Laura.

The runway show itself had a fantastic premise. The girls would walk up to a stage and down into a pool. Then they swam to the other side and walked out. This represented their transformation into a goddess. They entered a ring of fabric which raised up and when it lowered, they were standing there, dried off and looking fierce. They were lifted through the air to a runway where they walked.

The top three girls walked to their songs that they wrote in an earlier episode. The whole thing was really very spectacular. Lisa messed up on the swimming across the pond thing. She tried to flip around in the water, but she had her eyes closed, so she turned right instead of going straight. It was pretty funny.

Moving on to panel. It was at panel that they gave their announcement about Angelea. They wished her well (not literally her, she wasn’t there), and then they moved on. They compared and contrasted Lisa and Allison, then they debated. I figured since Allison was in the bottom two the week before, there was no way it would be her.

They showed the second half of the motion editorial and the final seconds of it revealed who America’s Next Top Model All-Star would be. It was Lisa. Yay for her or whatever. There are several girls I would have preferred over her, but she is the whole package. She definitely draws attention to herself, but I won’t be tuning in to watch her scream “Whooooo!” loudly into the camera every 5 seconds on E!

Tyra said something about Lisa being the first All Star. That makes me wonder if Cycle 18 will be another All Star Cycle. They should do an all plus size cycle. That’d be something.

Everyone on Grey’s Anatomy Is Old As Hell!! Updated 4/19/16

UPDATED 04/19/16: I’m removing the characters I never calculated the ages for, and merging information for characters into a new post.

UPDATED 10/24/15: For some reason, this post is getting a lot of views, so I’m updating it with what I know, and including the newer characters. At this point, I’m writing this a few days after Season 12 episode 5 airs. [Edits are able to be seen by their presence inside these bracket thingees.]

A quick recap of how I’m counting time for this latest update focusing on Meredith Grey: Her residency class finished residency and became fellows or attendings in the start of Season 9, where Grey is already 3 weeks pregnant. It seems that she carries her baby to almost-if-not-definitely full term, so Season 10 begins 9 months-ish later. We’re to a full year later during season 10 when Matt & April almost get married. Her pregnancy carries into Season 11, where they induce labor at what looks to be about 6 months of pregnancy. Not too long after that is when Derek comes home for a weeks/months, then dies, and Meredith is gone for the length of a full term pregnancy, let’s just say 9 months because it obviously take a while to find out she’s pregnant. Total time 3 years and some change, 2-3 months

UPDATED 04/02/15: It’s not clear looking at this post today, but I just want to remind everyone that I wrote this in December of 2011. So if you’re reading this in the spring of 2015, add 3-4 years to everyone’s ages.


Sometimes at work, there are lulls. Occasionally, I fill the time by reading Wikipedia. That involves starting somewhere like with a movie or television show that has an ensemble cast and going from link to link reading interesting things. Without playing 53 degrees of separation (which is a real thing when it comes to Wikipedia), I will say that I started with Revenge, the new show on ABC, and ended up looking up Ginnifer Goodwin’s filmography.

I will love you forever if you can make that connection. But by looking at her filmography, I got to the movie Ramona and Beezus, which I didn’t see, but includes Sandra Oh in the cast. I remember her from the movie The Princess Diaries and I remembered I’ve always wondered how old she is. 40! She plays a resident, but she’s 40.

Then I got suspicious. I started looking up all the characters. They’re [almost] all old as hell. Katherine Heigl is still in her thirties, but of course she isn’t still on the show.  It’s not fair to call them old as hell because they’re not, but they’re just… much older than the characters they play.

Age comes into play a lot on this show. Teddy’s husband was being ridiculed for wanting to go to med school, old as he is, but his wife on the show actually has three years on him in real life. Hell, Meredith and Cristina are both older than him in real life. It’s mind boggling. Poor Kate Walsh, who’s only two years older than Ellen Pompeo, but she got sent to a show with the old folks because she actually looks her age.

This is quite the mind-fuck for me. Not very many characters on this show are being played by an actor that’s even close to the right age besides Patrick Dempsey. Even Eric Dane is years younger than his character. I’m going to stop rambling and just lay it out there. [the years in the show pass slower than real life years, at least as far as I can tell from doing the math based on events that happen, so a lot of the actors have less of an age difference with their characters now.]

Ellen Pompeo: plays Meredith Gray; actual age is [45]; character’s age is around 37-ish (completed college at 25, did nothing for 3 or so years, 4 years med school, [5 years surgical resident, 2 years attending, 1 year “sabbatical”, 1st year general surgery chief]). [Age as of late 2015: 40-ish. This is after starting her attending years, has baby #2, then goes through Derek’s whole deal with the White House research, then his death and baby #3. Can I just say how crazy cool it is that this woman with a “hostile uterus” is able to give birth to two children at the age she did.]

Sandra Oh: plays Cristina Yang; actual age is [44]; character’s age is around 35-ish (completed college at 22, Ph.D. for 4 or so years, 4 years med school, [5 years surgical resident, 1 year attending, 2nd year as director of hospital in Zurich]). [Age as of late 2015: 38-ish. Miss her.]

Katherine Heigl: played Izzie Stevens; actual age is [36]; character’s age would be around 32 (completed college at 23, 4 years med school, would have been [5 years surgical resident, 3rd year doing who cares what]). Like I said, the only one who would be the right age is gone. [Age as of late 2015: 35. Don’t miss her.]

Justin Chambers: plays Alex Karev; actual age is [45]; character’s age is around 31 (completed college at 22, 4 years med school, [5 years surgical resident, 2 years fellowship, few months with Dr. Butthole, 1st year attending] ). [Age as of late 2015: 34. It’s crazy that the actor was 35 when the show started and now, 10.5 years later, his character is just catching up. But it’s not the actor’s fault that in 10 years and 12 seasons, they’ve only covered 8 years and some change.]

T.R. Knight: played George O’Malley; actual age is [42]; character’s age would have been around 31 (completed college at 22, 4 years med school, [made it to, but not through his 3rd year of residency]).[Age as of late 2015: Character died at age 29.]

Chandra Wilson: plays Miranda Bailey; actual age is [46]; character’s age is around 37 (completed college at age 24, 4 years med school, 5 years surgical residency, [6 years as attending, 1st year as surgery chief]). [Age as of late 2015: 40]

James Pickens, Jr.: plays Richard Webber; actual age is [60]; character’s age is around 59 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 1 year residency pre-sleeping with Ellis Grey + Meredith Grey’s age – 5). We have a winner for age correctness and still on the show! [Age as of late 2015: around 62, now the age difference between actor and character is even less, whoo!]

Kate Walsh: plays Addison Montgomery; actual age is [48]; character’s age is around 43 (completed college at 22, 6 years college + phD program, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, and some other stuff, but she was 39 in the season 3 finale of Grey’s Anatomy (which covered 4.5 years of time in 8 seasons).[Age as of late 2015: 46-ish. Really miss her, and Private Practice, she ought to come back for another difficult surgery. Or better yet, to learn form Arizona!]

Sara Ramirez: plays Callie Torres; actual age is [40]; character’s age is around 37 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 2 years peace corps, 5 year surgical residency, [5 years as attending, 2nd year as chief of Ortho]). [Age as of late 2015: 40. Her daughter was born heading into Meredith’s last year as resident. which means Sofia is only coming up on her fourth birthday, but that kid looks older than that, right?]

Eric Dane: plays Mark Sloan; actual age is [42] character’s age [would’ve been around 45] (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, basically the same age as Derek and Addison, he ad Derek were friends as kids). [Age as of late 2015: deceased at age 43, so damn sad about this one, I would pay to see him being a father to Sofia.]

Chyler Leigh: plays Lexie Grey; actual age is [33]; character’s age [would’ve been 30] (completed college at age 19, 4 years med school, [made it to but not through 5th year surgical residency]). [Age as of late 2015: deceased at age 28. I love Maggie, but at this point I’ve got my fingers crossed that family members of Meredith’s stop showing up; it only ever ends one way.]

Brooke Smith: plays Erica Hahn; actual age is [48]; they never quite get around to her age, but she’s at least 31 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, and she was in the same year of school as Preston Burke). [Age as of late 2015: mid 40s, a much more accurate guess than I had before because we know she’s in the age range of Preston Burke].

Kevin McKidd: plays Owen Hunt; actual age is [42] ; character’s age is around 45 (completed college at age 23, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, joined the Army after 9/11/01, discharged in 2008, 4 years as attending, 1-ish year chief of surgery, 1st year chief of trauma surgery]). [Age as of late 2015: around 48]

Jessica Capshaw: plays Arizona Robbins; actual age is [39]; they never quite get around to her age, but she’s at least 31 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, [2-3 years that we know of at Seattle Grace as an attending, 3rd year as pediatric surgery chief, including <12 months accelerated fellowship with Dr. Herman ). [Age as of late 2015: 42, what voodoo do these doctors have access to where they are casually deciding to have all these babies at their age? 41 isn’t old, but there are so many increased risks and Arizona has a long history of freaking all the way out when stuff gets tough, so I’m surprised it seemed like an easy decision for her to try to carry the baby instead of using a surrogate on the first attempt.]

Kim Raver: plays Teddy Altman; actual age is [46]; they don’t say her age, but her character’s age is at least 43 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, 2 years fellowship, joined Army after 9/11/01). [Age as of late 2015: at least 46, I miss her too, though it was clear. I wonder if she found love again, and I’m hoping she got a kick ass job as cardio chief at another hospital.]

Sarah Drew: plays April Kepner; actual age is [35]; character’s age is around 31 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, [5 years surgical resident, 3rd year attending, including sabbaticals to do some Doctors without Borders type situation for months at a time]). [Age as of late 2015: 34]

Jesse Williams: plays Jackson Avery; actual age is [34]; character’s age is around 31 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 years surgical resident, 1-2 year attending, 1-2 years into being plastics chief (after Mark died)]). [Age as of late 2015: 34]

Isaiah Washington: plays Preston Burke; actual age is [52]; all they ever mention about the character is he is 40-something. [Age as of late 2015: gotta be mid-40s by now].

Patrick Dempsey: plays Derek Shepherd; actual age is [49]; character’s age [would’ve been around 46] (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school, then got married in 1994, 5 year surgical residency, fellowship , etc.) [Age as of late 2015: deceased at age 45-ish. Totally unrelated, I didn’t know Dempsey was leaving the show for reals, so I got no emotional payout from his death, I literally believed none of it until after the episode ended and his heartbeat didn’t spontaneously start again on it’s own and then I googled him and found out. #viewerfail]


Jason George: plays Ben Warren; actual age is 43; character’s age is around 37 (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school, 4 year anesthesia residency, came to Seattle Grace from Mercy West as an attending, so let’s say he was an attending for 2-ish years, then attending at Seattle Grace for 2 years, 1 year surgical residency at UCLA, now in his 3rd year surgical residency after the transfer home), but likely older depending on how long he was at Mercy West.

I had to take some guesses on some of their ages based on character information available, but [so much of ]this cast is a walking ad for taking care of your skin. And also proof that you shouldn’t look too deep into a show. But two people caught my eye as being way older than I expected (thanks, Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo), and it was downhill from there. Downhill from over the hill, that is.

Have you ever been way too obsessed with something? Seriously, I’ve been working on this blog post since November 11th, 2011. I need a new hobby.

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E8

The first challenge the girls they had to star in their own music video. The idea is that to be famous in these times is to have a video go viral on the internet. They had this little girl, Madison, who is a YouTube sensation do the Tyra mail. From the video, it looked like the girls had to write their own songs as well. That had to end in disaster because they each have multiple talents, but I doubt any of them are song writers.

The goal is for the video to go viral. I wonder if the girl who wins is the one who gets the most hits online They brought in Tom Polce who is a music producer for CBS Records to co-write the songs and produce the music videos. There are tracks already done for each girl. They have 20 min to write lyrics to it. Allison was worried because she doesn’t sing.

Turns out the winner of the challenge is the one who gets picked by the producer as the best. The prize is that the winner gets a loved one flown in to visit them. Lisa won the song writing challenge, which wasn’t really a surprise since she’d been writing songs for years. Her fiancé is who she expected to fly out to see her. But before that happened, these girls went to the studio, and ooooh, it was rough. They are not all singers. In fact, only a couple of them could sing. Allison seemed to have been worried for no reason. Her song was emotional and she could sing pretty well, relatively speaking. Lisa’s fiancé came to visit. And she was happy. Yay.

The next step was the music video each girl had to do for their song. While they were in hair and makeup, The Game came in. Angelea freaked out. That girl is on top of pop culture, I tell ya. She freaks out every time they bring a man on, but she extra freaked out this time. It was pretty funny. She’s so adorable when she’s star struck. He was actually there to direct their music videos.

The videos weren’t too remarkable. Alexandria’s was remarkably bad. As dramatic as she is, I expected more, but you can’t win them all. Lisa’s was amazing. Laura’s was cute. Shannon finally found something that fits her brand that felt genuine. Of course, it’s not hard to look angelic with sheer hanging sheets floating around you. Angelea also wasn’t so hot. I expected more from her. Allison’s video looks like it was going to turn out really well. Like, really really well.

In panel, they went through each girl’s song. I don’t think any of them sucked. I don’t really get into the whole viral video thing, so I wasn’t a fan of Tyra and small fry in all the vids, but whatever. I have to admit, seeing Lisa’s video, I was really impressed. Hers looked like a real music video and Tyra and small fry even fit into it. I dare say it was the best by far. She reached her goal of being 700% better than everyone else. The only girl who came close was Allison and that was more about her vulnerability and beauty than anything else.

The top girls were: Allison Harvard, Lisa D’Amato (who had a BF that Allison beat her), Dominique Reighard, Laura Kirkpatrick, and Shannon Stewart.

The bottom two were Angelea Preston and Alexandria Everett. Alexandria wasn’t doing so good as being more than a model. Angelea wasn’t being fun to watch. Angelea was picked to stay. Her performance was stronger than Alexandria’s. I will miss Alexandria, I really liked her, but she didn’t really ever perform up to par this competition. Oh well. And then there were six.

They have to be getting ready to leave the country sometime soon. I figure they’ll bring it up in the next episode. I also can’t wait to hear what Lisa had to say about not getting best video in the next episode.

Why Don’t I Talk About Politics At Work?

Aside from the occasional discussion of why Sarah Palin is still on the national stage, politics never really comes up at my work place. This is a non-profit. I imagine if there are civically active people anywhere, they’re here. But yet, not much discussion.

And now I know why. It’s because we have wildly divergent views. With the racial, ethnic, and age diversity going on here, It makes sense that we would assume we’re different and keep hot-button opinions to ourselves.

A co-worker of mine was just on the phone right now extolling the virtues of Herman Cain. She said she liked him until he announced his 9-9-9 plan. If you live under a rock and don’t know what I’m talking about, shame on you. The short version is that the plan sucks and is a great way to raise taxes on the very poor while lowering it for the very rich. It also involves a national sales tax. No more crossing state lines to purchase cheaper clothes, gas, or alcohol.

This woman has a loud voice and so I could hear most of her side of the conversation. She was right to be against that plan, and it sparked up a conversation where she and I explained it to the rest of our co-workers. Then she branched out into talking about how she doesn’t understand why the current government wants to spend their way out of a recession. And that’s where I was done.

I’m not at all interested in sharing my opinions on that matter. We can talk about the things we agree on, but the things we strongly disagree on, no way! I don’t have the background to explain to her why injecting money into the economy is the only thing that kept us out of a depression. I could send her some articles Paul Krugman wrote for the New York Times, but I imagine that wouldn’t make the intended point.

I didn’t even say, “let’s agree to disagree.” I just nodded as she finished her point and turned back to my computer.

Some people get really fired up about their politics. I can be that way, so I’m staying away from such discussions. I’ll only go so far as to explain to people who’ve been living under a rock some current events or background of which they may be unaware.

Speaking of informing people, I wonder how many people reading this blog have a favorable opinion of Sarah Palin? Anyone? I didn’t think so. Let me enlighten you. The woman is a complete asshole who has no problems thrusting her children into the spotlight for her own personal gain. Also, she’s judge-y towards everyone but herself and her offspring.

But aside from her personality flaws, she’s not so bad. Oh, and aside from her complete lack of skills needed to run the country (which doesn’t seem to be a threat anymore), she’s not so bad. If you read her Wikipedia page, objectively please, you will see what I see.

She’s pretty, charismatic, funny, devoted, and she was really pretty good at her job locally. She did just fine as mayor and she did just fine as governor.

Her big problem is that she’s a lightning rod. Some people love her, others hate her. There’s not a lot of indifference going on. She became unable to do her job because of all the animosity against her. She caused most of it by breaking up the status quo (good for her), but she couldn’t get things back to normal and couldn’t resolve problems with enemies (bad for her).

My point is… Sarah Palin should never be president, but doesn’t deserve some people’s unabashed hate. Also, Herman Cain is an idiot if he really thinks his 9-9-9 plan will work. Please, climb out from under your rock if you still don’t know what I mean and Google “Herman Cain 9-9-9 plan”.

The Worst Movie I’ve Ever Seen

There are some bad movies I’ve seen. I can get through a poorly made or poorly acted movie if it’s still interesting and enjoyable. But there are some that are so bad, I get upset I spent time watching them.

The runner-up for the worst movie I’ve ever seen is:

This movie was quite awful.

I wanted to leave the theater, this one was so bad. and I love sequels. I hated the plot, I hated the acting, I hated the characterization, cinematography, special effects, etc. You name it, I hated it. But even this doesn’t make it as the worst movie ever.

If I tell you the cast, you still won’t know it. If I tell you the genre, the year it came out, or anything, you still won’t know it. It had Mark Wahlberg, Christina Applegate, and Lela Rochon. It’s a heist movie comedy. It came out in 1998. Still don’t know? Of course you don’t! It’s because this movie is so terrible you’ve literally never heard of it.

Okay, I won’t leave you guessing any longer. This movie is called The Big Hit.

Seriously the worst movie I've ever seen.

If this movie is so bad, why did I watch it? Well, it’s all the fiancé’s fault. This movie came packaged with another movie I bought several years ago. I’d never heard of it and frankly never intended on watching it.

The fiancé however thought maybe it would be a good idea to unwrap a movie that was still in the plastic and watch it. Suffice it to say we spent the entirety of this movie going, “what the hell?” and “why are they doing that?” and “why are we still watching this?!”

Take it from me, never watch this movie. It really surprised me because I love Marky Mark, Christina Applegate, and Lela Rochon. Their acting was the one thing that made me not shoot myself while watching this flick.

What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?