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Finding Myself In Television Shows

Am I the only one who looks at a good deal of my life through a Sex and the City lens? I think if you fall in a certain age range (pretty much anyone born between 1970-2000), there’s a good chance this show occupies a corner of your life. Maybe you were an adult when it came out and watched it as it mirrored your life. Maybe you discovered it because your mother/sister/college roommate was obsessed and insisted you’d love it too. Maybe you stumbled across it like I did, back when Netflix DVDs were still a new and amazing facet of life.

In case you hadn’t heard, last week was the 20th anniversary of the premier of the show. Since I loved it so much in college, I’ve been doing a deep dive. I read old Sex & the City columns for the first time. I read a young Cosmo’s writer take on “living like Carrie.” And I read think pieces arguing about how groundbreaking it was, how it lacked diversity, etc., etc..

I think time has done Samantha well. People appreciate her sex positivity. They love that she didn’t give a damn what anyone thought of her. I think time has been less friendly to Carrie. Look at what came up when I googled “Carrie Bradshaw was trash.”

I didn’t come up with this idea on my own. An article all about it popped up on my google feed not too long ago. You can read it for yourself here.

As much as I wanted to binge-watch the entire series over in celebration of the 20th anniversary, it ain’t gonna happen. I’m not putting myself back in the frame of mind that made me grateful for the diversity crumb that saw Jennifer Hudson cast in the SATC movie. No thank you. I’d rather wait for the next season of Insecure to premier (August 12th!!).

But still there’s this:

It’s a piece of “art” I bought on “the street” years ago. I think it was back during one of my first trips to NYC. I drove here, on a rather impromptu road trip with my girls, for an in-person job interview. My husband wanted to move to NYC, and so I wanted to make his dream a reality. I even have a picture of that evening in Times Square when I bought the picture that still hangs on the wall in my bedroom. Want to see it? Of course you do. I looked like I fell out off of a Forever 21 mannequin display and was proud of it. Perhaps the shades of lipstick I used to choose are the reason I was less confident in a bright red lip back then…

Well, the internet has me convinced I do NOT want to be a Carrie, haha. She was far too vanilla for me anyway. The heteronormativity and the barely hidden homo- and biphobia irritate me to no end. And the way she would have these moments of silence (read: silent judgement) whenever one of her friends’ stories got too extra was the worst. Besides, these four white women aren’t the only friendships shown on TV. There are plenty of others for me to figure out which archetype I am.

There’s Living Single:

There’s Girlfriends:

There’s Insecure:

I’m gonna figure out which one of those I am instead on continuing to fuss over SATC. Too bad there aren’t any handy quizzes out there to help me learn if I’m a Joan or a Maxine or an Issa. But wait! There is! Sort Of! Not for Living Single (does the show pre-date Buzzfeed? That’s prolly why), but there are quizzes for the other two.

This 8-Question Quiz Will Tell You Which “Insecure” Character You Are. This quiz covers all the characters, not just the women, but I’ll take what I can get.

Which “Living Single” Character Are You?. Same. All the characters.

Okay, I’mma go off for one quick second. See this is what the fuck I mean about intersectionality! Y’all so busy lumping us into the women category or the black category, there’s no space for black women. I’m looking for the space for just us, but nope, we gotta get in where we fit in. And Buzzfeed tells me that separating me from my brothers isn’t an option. Surprise, sur-fucking-prise. Whatever. Here’s my quiz results.

Nope, not giving you my quiz results yet. What the fuck is this question?!?!?!?!?!?!

Do I need to talk about how the only two options with white folks are “chic and sophisticated” and “preppy and minimalist”???? Really buzzfeed, y’all couldn’t find no black people on Getty Images to represent those styles?? This, ladies and gentleman, is what is referred to as a microaggression. Ugh, okay, back to my quiz results.

Trying not to be irritated by this intergender quiz because my results are actually quite spot on, lol. Whatever.

Grey’s Anatomy Character Ages

I don’t know why my previous post on this topic, from years ago, is so popular, but I decided to bring that information over into a new post so all the updates and edits read a bit clearer. If you want to struggle through the old post feel free.

I am estimating that in this 12th season, the show has covered just under 9 years of real time. This includes a five year surgical residency for the main core cast (of whom only Meredith and Alex are left), then various career paths that add up to just under 4 years of time. Wikia disagrees with me and thinks it’s been just under 5. You can see my detailed explanation of how Meredith spent her time to see exactly how I’m adding it up.

I wrote the original post in December 2011, during Season 8, right after Derek & Meredith officially adopt Zola. At that time, I estimated Meredith to be around 36 years old.

For this update, I’ll also focus on Meredith Grey. I’m going to say more than I will for the other characters, so you get an idea of how I’m tracking the passing time: Her residency class finished residency and became fellows or attendings in the start of Season 9, where Grey is already 3 weeks pregnant with Derek Bailey Shepherd. She has that baby at the end of Season 9. It seems that she carries her baby to almost-if-not-definitely full term, so Season 10 begins 9 months-ish after Season 9.

We’re to a full year later during season 10 when Matt & April almost get married in the Season 10 mid-winter finale. Derek and Meredith struggle through the rest of Season 10, with her realizing she doesn’t need him, but she wants him. Not too long after that is when Derek comes home for a few weeks/months early in Season 11, then dies a few episodes before the Season 11 finale. In those last few episodes of Season 11, Meredith is gone for the length of a full term pregnancy, let’s just say 9 months because it obviously take a while to find out she’s pregnant, returning to her mother’s house in the season finale.

Season 12 starts approximately 3 months after that.  We lost a few months here and there in single jumps due to Penny showing up, Meredith getting attacked in the ER, suddenly April is 12 weeks pregnant, etc. Total time since Dec 2011:  just shy of 4 years (really like 3 years and ten months), so I estimate Meredith Grey to be 40-ish.

Please see below for the character list, mostly transferred over from my previous blog post about this topic.


Ellen Pompeo: plays Meredith Gray; actual age is [46]; character’s age is around 40-ish (completed college at 25, did nothing for 3 or so years, 4 years med school, 5 years surgical residency, just under 2 years attending, just under 1 year “sabbatical”, currently in her 1st year as general surgery chief)

Justin Chambers: plays Alex Karev; actual age is [45]; character’s age is around 35 (completed college at 22, 4 years med school, 5 years surgical residency, 2 years fellowship, few months with Dr. Butthole, currently in his 2nd year as a pediatric surgical attending)

Chandra Wilson: plays Miranda Bailey; actual age is [46]; character’s age is around 41 (completed college at age 24, 4 years med school, 5 years surgical residency, 6 years as attending, currently in her 2nd year as chief of surgery)

James Pickens, Jr.: plays Richard Webber; actual age is [61]; character’s age is around 62 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, {1 year residency pre-sleeping with Ellis Grey} + Meredith Grey’s age – 5)

Sara Ramirez: plays Callie Torres; actual age is [40]; character’s age is around 41 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 2 years peace corps, 5 year surgical residency, 6 years as attending, currently in her 2nd year as chief of orthopedic surgery)

Kevin McKidd: plays Owen Hunt; actual age is [42] ; character’s age is around 46 (completed college at age 23, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, joined the Army after 9/11/01, discharged in 2008, 4 years as attending, 1-ish year chief of surgery, currently in his 2nd year as chief of trauma surgery)

Jessica Capshaw: plays Arizona Robbins; actual age is [39]; character’s age is around 38 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, 2-3 years that we know of at Seattle Grace as an attending, currently in her 4th year as pediatric surgery chief, including <12 months accelerated fellowship with Dr. Herman )

Sarah Drew: plays April Kepner; actual age is [35]; character’s age is around 35 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 years surgical residency, currently in her 4th year as a trauma surgery attending, including sabbaticals to do some Doctors without Borders type situation for at least 12-15 months total that I can calculate)

Jesse Williams: plays Jackson Avery; actual age is [34]; character’s age is around 35 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 years surgical residency, 1-2 years plastic surgery attending, currently in his 2nd year as plastic surgery chief )

Caterina Scorsone: plays Amelia Shepherd; actual age is [34]; character’s age has to be at least 38, more likely 40 (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school, 5 year surgical residency, 2 year neurosurgical residency, 1-3 years teaching fellow, 2-5 years as neurosurgeon on Private Practice, currently in her 2nd year as neurosurgical chief)

Camilla Luddington: plays Jo Wilson; actual age is [32]; character’s age is 30 (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school, currently in her 4th year as a surgical resident)

Jerrika Hinton; plays Stephanie Edwards; actual age is [34]; character’s age is 30 (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school,, currently in her 4th year as a surgical resident)

Kelly McCreary: plays Maggie Pierce; actual age is [34]; character’s age is 32 (completed college at age 17-ish, 3 years medical school, 5 year surgical residency, 3 years cardiothoracic surgical fellowship, 2-3 years cardiothoracic surgical head at some other hospital, currently in her 2nd year as cardiothoracic surgical chief… AND we know her actual birthdate)

Giancomo Gianniotti: plays Andrew DeLuca; actual age is [26]; character’s age is at least 28, no more than 31 (completed high school at age 18, 1-4 years as EMT, 4 years college, 4 years medical school, currently is his 1st year as a surgical intern)

Martin Henderson: plays Nathan Riggs; actual age is [41]; character’s age is anywhere between 44-47 based on time spent with Hunt in med school (completed college at age 22-24, 4 years medical school when he met Hunt, 5 years surgical residency, some time with Hunt as an Army trauma surgeon, some time with Kepner while doing her Doctors without Borders thing, currently in his 1st year as a cardiothoracic attending)

Jason George: plays Ben Warren; actual age is [44]; character’s age is around 38-ish (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school, 4 year anesthesia residency, came to Seattle Grace from Mercy West as an attending, so let’s say he was an attending for 2-ish years, then attending at Seattle Grace for 2 years, 1 year surgical residency at UCLA, currently in his 4th (I think…) year surgical residency after the transfer home)


Sandra Oh: played Cristina Yang; actual age is [44]; character’s age is around 36-ish (completed college at 22-ish, somehow completed her PhD and MD in 6 years, she was 28 during her intern year, 5 years surgical residency, 1 year attending, 3rd year as director of hospital in Zurich).

T.R. Knight: played George O’Malley; actual age is [43]; character died at age 29, would be 35 had he lived (completed college at 22, 4 years med school, made it to, but not through his 3rd year of residency).

Katherine Heigl: played Izzie Stevens; actual age is [36]; character left the show at age 30, would be around 35 had she stayed (completed college at 23, 4 years med school, fired during her 3rd year of residency, doing who-the-hell-cares-what is the 6 years since)

Isaiah Washington: played Preston Burke; actual age is [52]; character’s age is 50-something (all they ever mentioned about the character was he is 40-something, and that was during casting, so presumably he’s 50-something as we’re now 9-ish years later in time)

Patrick Dempsey: played Derek Shepherd; actual age is [50]; character died at age 45, would be 47 had he lived (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school, then got married in 1994, 5 year surgical residency, fellowship , etc. Age as of late 2015: deceased at age 45-ish)

Kate Walsh: played Addison Montgomery; actual age is [48]; character’s age is around 48 (completed college at 22, 6 years college + PhD program, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, and some other stuff, but she was 39 in the season 8 finale of Grey’s Anatomy in 2006, which matches her supposed birth year of 1967, and technically another 7 years have passed in time since that season which was basically residency year 2, sooooooo weird timing there, just ignore it) [also, I’m not considering her character as really gone from the show, she could come back for a crazy surgery to assist Arizona at any time, it could happen people!]

Eric Dane: played Mark Sloan; actual age is [43] character died at age 44, would be 48 had he lived (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, basically the same age as Derek and Addison, he ad Derek were friends as kids)

Brooke Smith: played Erica Hahn; actual age is [48]; they never quite got around to her age, but I estimate her as 50-something (completed college around age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, and she was in the same year of school as Preston Burke).

Chyler Leigh: played Lexie Grey; actual age is [34]; character died at age 27, would be 31 had she lived (completed college at age 19, 4 years med school, made it to but not through 4th year surgical residency).

Kim Raver: played Teddy Altman; actual age is [47]; they don’t say her age, but her character was at least 40 when she left the show, would be 45 had she stayed (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, 2 years fellowship, joined Army after 9/11/01)

Gaius Charles: played Shane Ross; actual age is [32]; character’s age is completely a guess at 30 (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school 2+ years surgical residency at Seattle Grace before leaving with Yang, currently in his 4th year of surgical residency at the Klausman Institute for Medical Research)

Tess Ferrer: played Leah Murphy; actual age is [30]; character’s age is a guess at 28 (they identified her birth year as 1987, which makes her four years younger than Pierce, so she completed college at age 21-ish, 4 years medical school, fired during her 2nd-ish year of surgical residency, hopefully working in that research Webber sent her to since then)


Who Needs Sleep? I Do, But Whatever! Part 1

In the last week, I’ve gone out 4 times, and it should’ve been 6 if I hadn’t canceled at the last minute. For a person who’s kind of a homebody, it’s just so much!

I’ve been having a good time though, and if you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been to some cool spots.

Like I said, the world keeps turning, and against a backdrop of France trying to whoops ass at all the ISIS targets the apparently already knew about, bombings in Nigeria, and America fucking up by deciding not to let in refugees, I’ve still been living my life.

I don’t know how people who are so committed to these causes go through their days. Do they feel bad if they take time to go to a birthday party? Do they stop on Thursdays for TGIT? Do they every re-tweet a funny cat video?

I don’t know. Y’all know I’m struggling with feeling like I should be doing something more, saying something more. How do other personal bloggers just ignore this in their posts and only talk about their fun new recipe for peppermint pumpkin spice chai mocha martinis or whatever?

Talking about this stuff starts to give me existential angst, so I’m going to move on.

My week of not-staying-in-the-house-ness has resulted in two things that I know must frustrate Chris.



I think he’s taken the if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em approach. On top of the unpacked travel bags is his saxophone case. I bug him constantly about not leaving it right by the front door, but clearly I’m not saying anything about it this week.

He’s going to New Orleans this weekend for his friend’s birthday, and him travelling is usually my cue to get the house together. Something about returning home to a wonderful clean house, I don’t know, ask my mother for the details of why that’s a great way to treat your husband. She’s been married for over 35 years, so I’m listening to her advice on this one.

But what have I been up to if not staying home and organizing my house? And what about those two days I didn’t go out? Well, I’m glad you asked.

Last Thursday was a music showcase by the bae of one of my favorite co-workers. It was at Manhattan Brew & Vine, which I’ve been trying to make my way to since it opened. I’m so mad I didn’t go. Everyone says it was so much fun, and the music was great. They went to Corner Social after to hang, which is always a good late night spot if you don’t care about not hearing anything except the music. So basically… double fail on my part.

Friday is when I was supposed to meet my friends who were visiting NYC in Times Square. Y’all already know how that turned out. We were supposed to go to this bar in Times Square I love called Havana Central. Instead they went to this hookah bar one of their Cali people recommended. I wish I could remember the name of it because I would put it on blast for their weak drinks.

Saturday was great though. My girl Sara came out with me to take these girls to Liberty Theater, and my promoter friend Jay Jay hooked us up. I love the look of this place because it really used to be a theater, so it still has the stage, tiered floor, and box seats. I don’t really do clubs like this very often, but I had a blast. We danced and drank and had a really good time. There are a ton of videos and photos because millennials. I think I can find a couple to show you. I wish I had one of Sara getting proposed too. That was a fun laugh when some random man decided he was in love with her and literally tried to give her  a ring.

2015-11-15 00.14.12

2015-11-15 00.44.51

2015-11-15 00.31.55

Sunday  night I was at Smoke Jazz & Supper Club. Our friends Willerm, Henry, and like 2 other people, were celebrating their birthdays. Willerm’s band was playing (including Chris), and he wanted a soul train line in the club after the set. He requested my presence there, so I took a nap after brunch-turned dinner.

About this brunch-turned-dinner. My friends who I took to Liberty Theater were supposed to meet us for brunch by our house in Brooklyn. By the time they woke up, got ready, checked out of their hotel, decided against the subway, took a Lyft, got through traffic, it was 4 hours and one restaurant later. That’s all I’ll say on that topic.

The gig Sunday night at Smoke was amazing, and these guys always sound good together. Chris was the “DJ,” playing songs on his iPhone through the speaker. We had the soul train line, including some confused but thoroughly entertained tourists, and all was right in the world. Then I took my butt home and got exactly 1 hour of sleep before getting up for work.

2015-11-16 01.32.21

2015-11-16 01.46.48

Groid Collective 8 out of 12

Monday night, I stayed my sleepy self at home after work. My best friend David and I watch a lot of TV together even though he lives in St. Louis. We are on the phone watching the same episode at the same time. It’s a great way to spend time together because we both watch so much TV.

I was also trying to help with suggestions of what his family could do when they visit New York the Saturday after Thanksgiving. They’ll all be nearby visiting one of his sisters who just moved, so they’re coming in to the city for a day. I’m mostly excited for his dad, who’s never been here. Should be a good time next week.

This post is getting long, So I’m gonna stop here. I’ll post Part 2 tomorrow.

Giving, Receiving, And Leaving Town

Because we live in a sitcom, the plan the husband and I had for our Super Bowl party didn’t go so well, but it turned out alright in the end.

Our first mistake was not going grocery shopping ahead of time. We waited until Sunday after church.

Saturday night, I went to bed early-ish, which was nice. I got ten whole hours of sleep, which basically made up for the extreme lack of sleep from the week.

The husband was out super late Saturday night. He’s so friendly that he was hanging out with his old friends as well as making some new ones. He came home with this.


Where do you think he was? Strip club? Chuck E. Cheese? Playing for tips in Times Square? The options are humorous and endless.

So we get to church for morning service. It turns out there are two meetings scheduled after church. One for new members and one for the young adult ministry. Both are meeting the husband and I were to attend.

I didn’t want to go to either meeting. Because seriously, who calls a meeting on Super Bowl Sunday? Seriously?

But to the meetings we went. We didn’t leave church until after 3pm. We didn’t get home from the grocery store until after 4:30pm.

Did I mention the store had run out of chicken wings? I don’t just buy a bag of frozen wings and throw it in the oven. I cook fresh wings and make sauce to go with it. I get fancy, y’all.

So I sent the husband out in search of fresh wings and started on my sauces.

The guests started arriving and there was no food ready to eat. I felt badly, but there wasn’t much I could do. Luckily one of his friend made home-made humus and flatbread chips to go with it. And they were delicious!

I’m sure you all know how the game went down. All I’m going to say about the game is that I enjoyed watching the team I wanted to win whoop ass up and down the field. Oh, and the commercials were great too.

As the food started trickling out of the kitchen, everyone dug in. I was pretty satisfied with the final products: taco salad with sweet pepper sour cream topping; tortilla chips with ground turkey queso dip; loaded fresh-cut french fries with bacon and cheese; and chicken wings with a choice of spicy BBQ, honey mustard, or ranch sauce.

And of course I made my everything punch. When I say this is everything punch, I mean it. It has everything in it.

Don’t tell me you can’t mix certain types of alcohol. Don’t tell me dark & light liquors get into a fight in your stomach. I don’t wanna hear it!

I make this punch at most big parties we throw. I know the night is a success when people who I’ve seen drink several glasses of straight whiskey out at jazz clubs can only drink 2-3 cups of my punch before they’re really tipsy.

After the game ended, people still stayed to hang out a bit. We ended up playing a few hilarious rounds of cell-phone based Taboo. It was nice to not have to clean up all the cards and game pieces after we’re done playing.

Trying to guess the name of Oscar-nominated actors when you’re on your fifth cup of everything punch is no joke y’all. I tried to remember to take a picture of it, but I kinda forgot, so this is the best I have, a punch bowl only filled a third of the way with poor lighting.

everything punch

Looks harmless, doesn’t it? All a part of my master plan, mwah ha ha.

The good use I put my chemistry degree to is making a strong yet tasty drink that won’t leave you hung over. As long as you have a good electrolyte balance going before you start drinking, you can drink a half-gallon of this stuff and be fine.

You’re welcome.

Anyway, the husband gets on a plane later today to head to Chicago, assuming his flight isn’t delayed because of all the Monday travel issues. He’s gone for a whole month. I won’t see him until I meet him in Chicago for a wedding on March 1st. When he’s gone, we’re both so busy that we have to work hard to make time to talk. I’m sure we’ll manage though.

I’m going to miss him, but I do have something to distract me for a bit. I wrote a post recently about how I was looking forward to eventually getting my birthday gifts. I figured it would help jumpstart my efforts to stay healthy.

Guess what I got in the mail?


A lovely lady I met in Chicago bought it for me. I met her while out with the husband at a jazz club, which makes sense because she’s a singer.

I was so excited about it, I forgot how sleepy I was and immediately got it setup. It’s as cool as advertised. I didn’t even have to take it off to have one of my marathon baths.

This is my first ever gift received purely because of something I wrote in my blog. It’s a moment for me, and I promise I’ll put it to good use girl!

I’d say I had a pretty amazing weekend. I’ll probably be a bit more low-key in the coming days. I’ll need to make time to workout so I can stay on track with my new healthy plan.

I think I may have someone to go rock climbing with. It’s one of the random cool people I’ve met while out at a jazz club with the husband. We shall see.

And I think this couple I met another time out is going to join me at the soup kitchen next weekend when I go to volunteer.

At this rate, I may actually have friends in NYC, but I won’t get my hopes up too soon.

And We’re Still Together

Does anybody watch the TV show Pysch? I love that show. It’s so hilarious and absolutely ridiculous, but I’ve seen every single episode for all 7 seasons. A very recent episode of Psych made me think more than that show ever intended.

I’ve been following these characters for seasons, so I was feeling very emotionally invested when one of them finally got married to a woman who was perfect for him. No dramedy is complete without a possible breakup at a wedding, so when that happened, I got really introspective.

I began thinking of how much it must hurt for the guy breaking up to watch the people not breaking up. I remembered what it felt like to want to be past dating and just be with the person God intended for me.

I was happy being single because I found things about it I liked, but I have never been the type of person who preferred being single over being in a relationship.

Remembering that feeling made me feel a longing for the safety of a happy relationship. When you are committed, bad things can happen, and it’s okay.

Are there things bad enough to blow up even a very solid relationship? Well, yes, there has to be. Otherwise, the divorce rate wouldn’t be as high as it is.

But in that moment watching a couple ending juxtaposed against one taking a next important relationship step, I was so happy I was couple #2. They were happy and solid. They had quite literally dodged bullets on their way down the aisle to get married.

Luckily, there aren’t any bullets involved with the husband. Just lots of live music. And nothing about his talent is fake, so we’re a step ahead of all the couples on Psych at least.

I’m sure there is something wrong with me to become so thoughtful because of an episode of Psych. James Roday would either be highly offended or complimented.

I’m just thankful I’ve got my solid thing going. I much prefer the comfort of a happy relationship over anything else. For as long as it lasts, this is where I’m staying.

God-willing, it will last forever.

Chick Moments And Not-So-Chick Moments

Not-a-chick moment: I’ve been stalking ESPN trying to find out who I should start this weekend for my fantasy football lineup. One of my leagues consists of a bunch of the husband’s friends. It’s so important that I whoop ass. This week is my first week playing someone who could potentially beat me– though he won’t– and I can’t start the wrong people.

Chick moment: I’m fretting because my nail polish chipped and I don’t really have time to do it before the wedding Saturday. I may be pulling out my last purchased Sally Hansen pre-designed nail polish strips. But then that will change my whole outfit plan for the weekend.

Not-a-chick-moment: I’m dying at work because the last few days, there have been nothing but women in the office. And we are fully staffed right now. As I type this, there are 10 of us in this office. You know how much freaking estrogen that is? We ran out of useful “chick” talk weeks ago. I know who prefers Asian men, who prefers tall men, who thinks green nail polish rocks. Now it’s all childbirth, menstruation, a divorce tales…

Chick moment: I just finished watching the Season 1 finale of Scandal. I know I’m late, but that Shonda Rhimes is my hero. It seems she can do no wrong when it comes to drama. Just thrilling soapy goodness. If she had started writing for All My Children, maybe the soap opera I grew up on would still be going on.

Not-a-chick moment: Kerry Washington is freaking gorgeous. As she ages, she’s getting even better looking. That whole cast is very attractive. I can watch any show where all the pretty people are smart.

Chick moment: The husband read the blog post I put up yesterday and has promised me not-from-a-can soup. He’s going to get it for me before work tomorrow so I can have it for dinner. That soup will probably be the only thing that gets me through work tomorrow, even more so because the husband is getting it for me. Though Tamara’s idea of hydrating has worked amazingly well. Thanks Tamara!

Playing Catch-Up All Weekend

I had gotten quite used to working just two days in a row and then having a day or two off. That is officially my favorite way to work, at least at my job. There’s virtually no chance of emotional or mental burn out. But that is not always my life. This weekend, I’m working three days (Friday-Sunday), and I’m trying to be okay with it. But there’s just so much to do. As I’m writing this, I’m half-way through the weekend, but I already feel behind.

My job is doing this annual competency review thing. It basically means we do all the things we normally do every day for work. But instead of it being real life-saving work, we’re doing it for fake. And we’re putting it into a binder for our supervisors to go through. My opinion on this project can be deduced, so I’ll just not state it.

My job is pretty extensive, so my binder is freaking huge. It’s due in a few days, but I haven’t had the time to work on the fake job assignments because I’m too busy doing real job assignments. I long for last years review when I wasn’t fully trained yet so I was exempt from several parts of the binder.

To make like just a bit more crowded, I had to get up early before work yesterday. A girl from my church I mentor is headed to Hampton for college on Thursday. HBCU whoop whoop! Her trunk party was yesterday. I was representing both of my families: my parents/sibling, and my husband/in-laws.

I had to drop off a gift, grab a snack, a snap some pictures before heading to work. Her parents live about 35 min south of me and work it about 35 miles northwest of me. That wasn’t a fun driving trip, but it was worth it because otherwise I wouldn’t see her before she left.

I feel good about taking care of my girl. I gave her an ATM card that goes to an emergency fund. Anyone who has been to college without a silver spoon in their mouth knows having that emergency fund is a lifesaver when you can’t take the meal plan or you need to bail a friend out of jail. What? You didn’t bail at least three friends out of jail while you were at college? Well, she is going to Hampton and not FAMU, so maybe she won’t need to use the emergency money for bail like I did.

Once I got my butt to work, I decided today was the day for some serious multi-tasking. I had a big stack of charts to QA, so I figured I’d watch the Olympics while I was working. I know, the Olympics have been over for a week. I don’t want to hear it though because I didn’t get to watch a single event. I was always at work, or sleep, or doing laundry at my apartment without a laptop or cable. So I didn’t get to see anything. I’m playing late as hell catchup.

Mostly the events played in the background and I kept and eye out for runners crossing the finish line and things like that. The rhythmic gymnastics made me pause my work and really pay attention. Luckily, I had break time to use to do this because I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t know how I missed this is previous Olympic years, but I had missed it. I thought the floor routine and balance beams were great. But those things don’t have anything on this team event. It was like ballet and Cirque du Soleil and that one scene from Old School with Will Ferrel all mixed in. The things they could do in synchronization. Okay, I’m done going on about it, but seriously, if you’ve never seen it, you should check it out.

As the night came to and end, it really hit me that I am to getting enough sleep this weekend. I know I’ll pay for that on Monday when I’m still playing catch-up with chores. And working 5 days out of 6 makes it hard. I’ll have to clean the floor, the mirrors, the laundry, the cats’ area, etc. all in one day. So even though I do get one day off, I won’t be doing anything fun with that time. Unless you count whatever lingerie the husband picks for me to put on after my workout. Giggity.

I’m also looking forward to next weekend. The husband is playing in downtown Chicago. Then one of the bands he plays with is having a CD release party. If it goes well, I will be taking notes on things we can make happen for the husband’s CD release party which will hopefully be next month. If you like jazz, check out the group the husband will be playing with. It’s called Marquis Hill’s Blacktet.

Getting My [insert noun here] In Shape

Summer, my body, parties, my apartment, hobbies. Fill in the blank with almost anything I wish I were doing more of.

I should be getting my ass in shape. I’m working on it. But just not as wholeheartedly as I’d like. I love bike riding, and I love yoga. Finding the time and motivation is a losing battle. At least I’m eating better. More grains and fruit, less over-processed and fried foods.

Summer is shaping up. I’ve been trying to spend more time outside, and more time with my friends. I’ve been quite unsuccessful at both. It took so long to get warm, and now that it is, I’ve got to get it together. I have a whole week off starting the 4th of July. I’m planning some great things for the husband’s birthday, and I should be able to squeeze a lot in that week.

We’re throwing a party for the husband’s birthday. We had one in June which was amazing. And we’ll have another in July. That should keep me feeling party-ful for the summer. I’m still in my 20s, so I shouldn’t be over clubs yet, should I? I am though, so I won’t be doing much partying-in-a-loud-ass-room-surrounded-by-strangers-I-have-no-interest-in.

My apartment is still terrible. It’s getting better, but I haven’t made any progress since we got those amazing shelves from The Container Store. My next plan is to buy another set of shelves and connect it to the first set. The expansion will make room for the TV and our books. That way we can get rid of the bookcases and really have some effective downsizing done ahead of the move to NYC.

And lastly hobbies. I thought I’d be doing more at church, more volunteering, more rock climbing. And I’ve done nothing. I don’t even draw in my sketchbook anymore.

You know what? I’m done complaining. If I spend all my free time doing nothing, I can’t feel bad that I’ve got nothing done. I’m going to focus on what I can get done.

I can stay on top of my TV shows.

I’m not kidding. I really do love television. And coming up this month and next are the summer premiers of some of my favorite shows. I love White Collar, Leverage, Franklin & Bash. I can watch those shows and feel a sense of accomplishment.

And then after that, I’ll get my butt up off the couch and go bike riding along the lake. And I’ll invite along one of my friends. And bring a snack of fresh fruit and water.

Boom, problem solved.

I Think I Watch Too Much TV

As evidenced by the post I wrote on Christmas Eve, I watch a lot of TV. In the days between Christmas and New Year’s, I think I watched even more than usual. With almost all the shows on holiday hiatus, the fiancé took care of my TV fix by buying me two seasons of Leverage as one of my Christmas gifts.

We’ve been holed up in the house watching episodes. You get hooked on each plotline. How each new person adds to the team’s identity and how each case fits in with the season’s arc. And then you start to see similarities between the show and your life.

Oh wait, is that just me? Yeah, I think I’ve officially watched too many episodes of Leverage in a row.

I was a work and a man I’ve never seen before happened to be in one of the kitchenette areas where I go to get water. He’s steeping his tea and looking very into it. He looks pretty unassuming. Nice smile, slightly askew glasses, even has an ID badge prominently displayed proving he works here.

But I do work at night. There’s a finite number of people that come through here during evening hours and this man just didn’t look familiar. He strikes up a conversation asking about some information that’s pretty crucial to the entire company and our bonus payments in the new year.

Without going into too much detail, based on the way I was dressed, anyone in the building would know that I’d be in the know about specific cases. I had the answer to his questions. And before I even knew what I was doing, I answered his questions. In detail.

I felt like calling the fiancé immediately to tell him what happened. With each episode we watched, he was confused as to how the team could gather so much information from and about their marks. Why would people just volunteer the info? Well apparently, all you need is an employee badge and an unassuming smile, and you’re in.

I’m not saying that guy is a con man who gathered intel from me to bring down someone in my company. I’m not saying he was there, ready to pounce on his prey an extract all he needed to make the job go down.

Nah, I’m just saying I watch too much TV.

This Post Is NOT About Christmas

I’ve already written several posts about Christmas. As a huge lover of Christmas, this was a given. But seeing as how Christmas is less than 24 hours away now, I wanted to talk about something else, anything else. It’s because I care about the 3 1/2 people who read this blog and don’t want to inundate you with even more Christmas-y stuff when you’d probably like a short break, if only for a moment.

So… what to talk about? Politics? Nah, that’s far too depressing. Entertainment news? Nah, not enough substance. Cooking or recipes? Nah, you’ll see more food than you’d like today or tomorrow. So what then? It has to be something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking, but may still be slightly enjoyable. Something that is relevant, but not important…

Ah ha! Television!! What is more mindless than primetime television? Nothing, that’s what. I’m going to talk about my favorite shows out right now. I warn you, I watch about 35 different shows. They’re on all year long though. Between summer seasons, fall seasons, mid-season replacements, and two-part seasons, I’m good to go with new episodes of my favorites all year round.

If I focused only on shows that have had a new episode between November-January and are still on the air (as in, will actually finish this season and also have another one), I’d still have over 20 to cover. So I will narrow it down to five. I’ll do my top 5 current faves and a mid-season premier I’m excited about.

#5 Glee: I love this show so much. I love musicals anyway, so the fact that they squeeze it into an hour episode each week just makes my day. I find myself so enthralled in their stories. Will Sam win back Mercedes? How will Finn and Rachel last past graduation? Will Kurt hold onto Blaine? Will Quinn or Santana ever stop being such a bitch? It’s all so intriguing. I love shows where the high school kids don’t act like they’re under 18. Good times. I mean, terrible example, but good times.

#4 How I Met Your Mother: This show is in it’s 7th season. If I were Ted Mosby’s kids, I would be threatening to slit my wrist if he didn’t get to the point of his damn story. But as as TV viewer, I want it to go on and on and on. Right now, I’m currently dying, dying, to know who Barney is marrying. Why are they holding out on me?! It’s been nice growing up with these folks. I mean, they’re six years older than me, but I didn’t start watching until Season 4, so catching up with re-runs felt like I was right on pace, you know?

#3 Once Upon A Time: This new show is my shit! I love all things Disney, and therefore all things fairy tale. Throw in Ginnifer Goodwin (whom I’ve loved since she was GiGi), and I’m really good to go. This show follows fairy tale characters who are cursed by an evil queen to live in the real world with no happily ever afters. Imagine Snow White and Cinderella being friends. Now imagine both of their evil queens being friends. Throw in Jiminy Cricket and a Rumpelstiltskin that’s both amusing and creepy, and you’ve got quite a cast. If you know the fairy tale stories, these complicated and interwoven storylines are easy to follow. Each episode gets more intriguing. When will they discover the secret? When will Snow White’s daughter believe? Does Rumpelstiltskin really know the secret? The suspense is almost unbearable!

#2 Revenge: This show is also in its first season. And I couldn’t be more enthralled. It follows a formula like I like. Each episode, Emily tries to take down someone who’s either responsible for framing her father or responsible for making her life more difficult.  You have to wonder how long her house of cards can hold up. The villains are layered and sometimes sympathetic. It’s a delicious story with an ending revealed in the very first episode. Like every other story you know the ending of, you just sit back and enjoy the journey to that inevitable end.

#1 Leverage: I love a good heist tale. Ocean’s Eleven is my favorite movie after all. But this show really makes me smile. It’s in its 4th season, and each show gets better. The formula is this team of criminals-turned-Robin-Hoods pull a job on someone taking advantage of someone who can’t defend themselves. Each season also has an arc it follows where there’s some major antagonist against the whole team that must be dealt with. This show is interesting because of the heist, the complex characters, and the plot lines. If you decide to watch it, I suggest you start with season 1 episode 1.

Mid-Season Premiere: House of Lies: Two words. Don Cheadle. I’ve loved him since he was in an episode of Fresh Prince back in the day. Funny, talented, serious and he has that certain joie de vivre. Before I even knew what this show was about, I wanted to watch it. I don’t have cable at home, and this comes on HBO, but trust that I’ll be catching it on sidereel. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the show:

House of Lies is an upcoming American comedy television series created by Matthew Carnahan.[1] The show, which will premiere on Showtime on January 8, 2012, is based on Martin Kihn‘s book, House of Lies: How Management Consultants Steal Your Watch and Then Tell You the Time.

What are you favorite shows? Do you lean more towards comedy or drama? Isn’t dramedy the best new genre ever?

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E13, Season Finale

If you follow this show at all, you there was some chatter leading up to this last episode. They said someone was going to be disqualified, but they didn’t say who or why. Well, I can settle that right now. Angelea was disqualified by the producers because of something she disclosed. They didn’t say what or why. And then they just moved on with judging. This is after Angelea went through the entire competition, all the way up to the final runway.

I wonder what it was. Was she pregnant? Did she sleep with a cameraman? Did she get paid by some advertising company to do something? Who knows. And at what point was it disclosed? If you find out, let me know. Now on to the episode.

I’m not going to go too in-depth, just the highlights. Like every finale episode, they did a Cover Girl shoot and commercial that would become a national print ad for the winner. This time, they also added in a Vogue Italia shoot that would become the spread in Vogue Italia for the winner. All three girls did good on the Cover Girl shoot and the Vogue Italia shoot. It made sense that they were the top three cause they were all good, really good.

The other thing they do in the finale is a final runway show. They worked with designer Michael Cinco a handful of episodes ago on dresses for the final runway. The girls who made it to the final three (Angelea, Allison, and Lisa) all got to wear the dress they gave him design inspiration for. They also brought back Dominique, Self-Righteous Barbie aka Shannon, and Laura.

The runway show itself had a fantastic premise. The girls would walk up to a stage and down into a pool. Then they swam to the other side and walked out. This represented their transformation into a goddess. They entered a ring of fabric which raised up and when it lowered, they were standing there, dried off and looking fierce. They were lifted through the air to a runway where they walked.

The top three girls walked to their songs that they wrote in an earlier episode. The whole thing was really very spectacular. Lisa messed up on the swimming across the pond thing. She tried to flip around in the water, but she had her eyes closed, so she turned right instead of going straight. It was pretty funny.

Moving on to panel. It was at panel that they gave their announcement about Angelea. They wished her well (not literally her, she wasn’t there), and then they moved on. They compared and contrasted Lisa and Allison, then they debated. I figured since Allison was in the bottom two the week before, there was no way it would be her.

They showed the second half of the motion editorial and the final seconds of it revealed who America’s Next Top Model All-Star would be. It was Lisa. Yay for her or whatever. There are several girls I would have preferred over her, but she is the whole package. She definitely draws attention to herself, but I won’t be tuning in to watch her scream “Whooooo!” loudly into the camera every 5 seconds on E!

Tyra said something about Lisa being the first All Star. That makes me wonder if Cycle 18 will be another All Star Cycle. They should do an all plus size cycle. That’d be something.

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E12

I skipped episode 11 because it was just highlights from the season. I’ve been watching and re-capping the whole season, so I am not even going to cover it.

They started off this episode with Angelea talking about how she was attacked the previous week. Lisa saw her vulnerability and felt that she had a better chance because Angelea couldn’t handle the pressures of this life. I wonder how the judges feel about Angelea’s volatility.

Their challenge was to write a blog for Vogue Italia. Being a blog writer is one of the prizes, so doing good on this challenge was a great way to show they would do well with winning the competition. They were to pick out an outfit, and go to a location, take photos, and write about being in Crete for a couple weeks. Each girl had an angle that fit who they were and their brand. Nigel came back to collect their blogs and he and Franca Sozzani went over them and chose a winner. They were to reveal the winners the next evening.

Tyra wrote a book. It’s called Modelland. She decided to make a motion editorial for it. It’s like an editorial picture, except on film. She goes through the whole things as if it’s a small movie, and it would take two days to shoot. They will show the finished product over two weeks of judging. This week they’ll show the beginning and choose the top three. Next week, they’ll show the finish and the editorial will show who wins this Cycle.

The shoot itself was pretty interesting to watch, but there’s not much to recap without going into the plot of the book. If you care about that, buy the book. Lisa did really well in the shoot. I feel like they set Laura up not to do well. She had a scene where she had to pour endless amounts of whipped cream into her mouth. How can anyone do that and not appear overtly sexy? Angelea had an emotional moment, but it worked for her scene. Allison was having trouble with her eyes, but she also did well.

After the day’s shooting, Nigel came by to see the girls while they were having dinner. Did I mention I hate the way Lisa chews? Yuck. Allison’s blog was too high-fallutin’. Laura had a good blog, but it didn’t fit her brand. Lisa’s blog was good, but they wanted more fashion talk. Angelea’s blog was good. She talked about fashion, compared the land to where she was from, and exhibited a certain amount of class. They picked Angelea to win. It was her first challenge win and she won a trip back to Greece for 7 days for 2 people. Good for her. I like when she proves to herself and others that she’s got what it takes.

The second day of shooting was cool too. Also, Tyson Beckford is the guy in this editorial. He’s the world’s best known male supermodel. Angelea of course had a fit when he walked in. He ended up being the guest judge that week. Not much else to mention, so I’ll move on.

I loved Tyra’s outfit in the judging panel. I love suspenders and capes, I never thought they could go together. I want that outfit, but not that color. My wedding dress is the only taupe thing I like wearing. I hated what Allison was wearing. Electric green pants? Really? Sigh. The motion editorial was… interesting. I get the concept of how it’s supposed to be, but it’s not… my kind of art. But I found it interesting to be sure… I was tickled because after they showed it, Tyra kept asking the girl, “how was that for you?’

The top two were: Lisa D’Amato and Angelea Preston. The bottom two were Allison Harvard and Laura Kirkpatrick. They were worried that Laura’s bubbly personality wasn’t enough. They were worried that Allison’s introverted personality wasn’t enough. Ultimately, they went with Allison. She is the better model, but she’s also more unique and that’s was prevailed. Tyra told her she really had to shine in terms of personality in the next week. We’ll see who wins.

If I had to pick now, I’d say, Lisa is most likely to win, but I’d prefer Angelea to win.

Everyone on Grey’s Anatomy Is Old As Hell!! Updated 4/19/16

UPDATED 04/19/16: I’m removing the characters I never calculated the ages for, and merging information for characters into a new post.

UPDATED 10/24/15: For some reason, this post is getting a lot of views, so I’m updating it with what I know, and including the newer characters. At this point, I’m writing this a few days after Season 12 episode 5 airs. [Edits are able to be seen by their presence inside these bracket thingees.]

A quick recap of how I’m counting time for this latest update focusing on Meredith Grey: Her residency class finished residency and became fellows or attendings in the start of Season 9, where Grey is already 3 weeks pregnant. It seems that she carries her baby to almost-if-not-definitely full term, so Season 10 begins 9 months-ish later. We’re to a full year later during season 10 when Matt & April almost get married. Her pregnancy carries into Season 11, where they induce labor at what looks to be about 6 months of pregnancy. Not too long after that is when Derek comes home for a weeks/months, then dies, and Meredith is gone for the length of a full term pregnancy, let’s just say 9 months because it obviously take a while to find out she’s pregnant. Total time 3 years and some change, 2-3 months

UPDATED 04/02/15: It’s not clear looking at this post today, but I just want to remind everyone that I wrote this in December of 2011. So if you’re reading this in the spring of 2015, add 3-4 years to everyone’s ages.


Sometimes at work, there are lulls. Occasionally, I fill the time by reading Wikipedia. That involves starting somewhere like with a movie or television show that has an ensemble cast and going from link to link reading interesting things. Without playing 53 degrees of separation (which is a real thing when it comes to Wikipedia), I will say that I started with Revenge, the new show on ABC, and ended up looking up Ginnifer Goodwin’s filmography.

I will love you forever if you can make that connection. But by looking at her filmography, I got to the movie Ramona and Beezus, which I didn’t see, but includes Sandra Oh in the cast. I remember her from the movie The Princess Diaries and I remembered I’ve always wondered how old she is. 40! She plays a resident, but she’s 40.

Then I got suspicious. I started looking up all the characters. They’re [almost] all old as hell. Katherine Heigl is still in her thirties, but of course she isn’t still on the show.  It’s not fair to call them old as hell because they’re not, but they’re just… much older than the characters they play.

Age comes into play a lot on this show. Teddy’s husband was being ridiculed for wanting to go to med school, old as he is, but his wife on the show actually has three years on him in real life. Hell, Meredith and Cristina are both older than him in real life. It’s mind boggling. Poor Kate Walsh, who’s only two years older than Ellen Pompeo, but she got sent to a show with the old folks because she actually looks her age.

This is quite the mind-fuck for me. Not very many characters on this show are being played by an actor that’s even close to the right age besides Patrick Dempsey. Even Eric Dane is years younger than his character. I’m going to stop rambling and just lay it out there. [the years in the show pass slower than real life years, at least as far as I can tell from doing the math based on events that happen, so a lot of the actors have less of an age difference with their characters now.]

Ellen Pompeo: plays Meredith Gray; actual age is [45]; character’s age is around 37-ish (completed college at 25, did nothing for 3 or so years, 4 years med school, [5 years surgical resident, 2 years attending, 1 year “sabbatical”, 1st year general surgery chief]). [Age as of late 2015: 40-ish. This is after starting her attending years, has baby #2, then goes through Derek’s whole deal with the White House research, then his death and baby #3. Can I just say how crazy cool it is that this woman with a “hostile uterus” is able to give birth to two children at the age she did.]

Sandra Oh: plays Cristina Yang; actual age is [44]; character’s age is around 35-ish (completed college at 22, Ph.D. for 4 or so years, 4 years med school, [5 years surgical resident, 1 year attending, 2nd year as director of hospital in Zurich]). [Age as of late 2015: 38-ish. Miss her.]

Katherine Heigl: played Izzie Stevens; actual age is [36]; character’s age would be around 32 (completed college at 23, 4 years med school, would have been [5 years surgical resident, 3rd year doing who cares what]). Like I said, the only one who would be the right age is gone. [Age as of late 2015: 35. Don’t miss her.]

Justin Chambers: plays Alex Karev; actual age is [45]; character’s age is around 31 (completed college at 22, 4 years med school, [5 years surgical resident, 2 years fellowship, few months with Dr. Butthole, 1st year attending] ). [Age as of late 2015: 34. It’s crazy that the actor was 35 when the show started and now, 10.5 years later, his character is just catching up. But it’s not the actor’s fault that in 10 years and 12 seasons, they’ve only covered 8 years and some change.]

T.R. Knight: played George O’Malley; actual age is [42]; character’s age would have been around 31 (completed college at 22, 4 years med school, [made it to, but not through his 3rd year of residency]).[Age as of late 2015: Character died at age 29.]

Chandra Wilson: plays Miranda Bailey; actual age is [46]; character’s age is around 37 (completed college at age 24, 4 years med school, 5 years surgical residency, [6 years as attending, 1st year as surgery chief]). [Age as of late 2015: 40]

James Pickens, Jr.: plays Richard Webber; actual age is [60]; character’s age is around 59 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 1 year residency pre-sleeping with Ellis Grey + Meredith Grey’s age – 5). We have a winner for age correctness and still on the show! [Age as of late 2015: around 62, now the age difference between actor and character is even less, whoo!]

Kate Walsh: plays Addison Montgomery; actual age is [48]; character’s age is around 43 (completed college at 22, 6 years college + phD program, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, and some other stuff, but she was 39 in the season 3 finale of Grey’s Anatomy (which covered 4.5 years of time in 8 seasons).[Age as of late 2015: 46-ish. Really miss her, and Private Practice, she ought to come back for another difficult surgery. Or better yet, to learn form Arizona!]

Sara Ramirez: plays Callie Torres; actual age is [40]; character’s age is around 37 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 2 years peace corps, 5 year surgical residency, [5 years as attending, 2nd year as chief of Ortho]). [Age as of late 2015: 40. Her daughter was born heading into Meredith’s last year as resident. which means Sofia is only coming up on her fourth birthday, but that kid looks older than that, right?]

Eric Dane: plays Mark Sloan; actual age is [42] character’s age [would’ve been around 45] (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, basically the same age as Derek and Addison, he ad Derek were friends as kids). [Age as of late 2015: deceased at age 43, so damn sad about this one, I would pay to see him being a father to Sofia.]

Chyler Leigh: plays Lexie Grey; actual age is [33]; character’s age [would’ve been 30] (completed college at age 19, 4 years med school, [made it to but not through 5th year surgical residency]). [Age as of late 2015: deceased at age 28. I love Maggie, but at this point I’ve got my fingers crossed that family members of Meredith’s stop showing up; it only ever ends one way.]

Brooke Smith: plays Erica Hahn; actual age is [48]; they never quite get around to her age, but she’s at least 31 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, and she was in the same year of school as Preston Burke). [Age as of late 2015: mid 40s, a much more accurate guess than I had before because we know she’s in the age range of Preston Burke].

Kevin McKidd: plays Owen Hunt; actual age is [42] ; character’s age is around 45 (completed college at age 23, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, joined the Army after 9/11/01, discharged in 2008, 4 years as attending, 1-ish year chief of surgery, 1st year chief of trauma surgery]). [Age as of late 2015: around 48]

Jessica Capshaw: plays Arizona Robbins; actual age is [39]; they never quite get around to her age, but she’s at least 31 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, [2-3 years that we know of at Seattle Grace as an attending, 3rd year as pediatric surgery chief, including <12 months accelerated fellowship with Dr. Herman ). [Age as of late 2015: 42, what voodoo do these doctors have access to where they are casually deciding to have all these babies at their age? 41 isn’t old, but there are so many increased risks and Arizona has a long history of freaking all the way out when stuff gets tough, so I’m surprised it seemed like an easy decision for her to try to carry the baby instead of using a surrogate on the first attempt.]

Kim Raver: plays Teddy Altman; actual age is [46]; they don’t say her age, but her character’s age is at least 43 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 year surgical residency, 2 years fellowship, joined Army after 9/11/01). [Age as of late 2015: at least 46, I miss her too, though it was clear. I wonder if she found love again, and I’m hoping she got a kick ass job as cardio chief at another hospital.]

Sarah Drew: plays April Kepner; actual age is [35]; character’s age is around 31 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, [5 years surgical resident, 3rd year attending, including sabbaticals to do some Doctors without Borders type situation for months at a time]). [Age as of late 2015: 34]

Jesse Williams: plays Jackson Avery; actual age is [34]; character’s age is around 31 (completed college at age 22, 4 years med school, 5 years surgical resident, 1-2 year attending, 1-2 years into being plastics chief (after Mark died)]). [Age as of late 2015: 34]

Isaiah Washington: plays Preston Burke; actual age is [52]; all they ever mention about the character is he is 40-something. [Age as of late 2015: gotta be mid-40s by now].

Patrick Dempsey: plays Derek Shepherd; actual age is [49]; character’s age [would’ve been around 46] (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school, then got married in 1994, 5 year surgical residency, fellowship , etc.) [Age as of late 2015: deceased at age 45-ish. Totally unrelated, I didn’t know Dempsey was leaving the show for reals, so I got no emotional payout from his death, I literally believed none of it until after the episode ended and his heartbeat didn’t spontaneously start again on it’s own and then I googled him and found out. #viewerfail]


Jason George: plays Ben Warren; actual age is 43; character’s age is around 37 (completed college at age 22, 4 years medical school, 4 year anesthesia residency, came to Seattle Grace from Mercy West as an attending, so let’s say he was an attending for 2-ish years, then attending at Seattle Grace for 2 years, 1 year surgical residency at UCLA, now in his 3rd year surgical residency after the transfer home), but likely older depending on how long he was at Mercy West.

I had to take some guesses on some of their ages based on character information available, but [so much of ]this cast is a walking ad for taking care of your skin. And also proof that you shouldn’t look too deep into a show. But two people caught my eye as being way older than I expected (thanks, Sandra Oh and Ellen Pompeo), and it was downhill from there. Downhill from over the hill, that is.

Have you ever been way too obsessed with something? Seriously, I’ve been working on this blog post since November 11th, 2011. I need a new hobby.

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E10

Dominique got best photo last week, and her photo displayed in the house really did look beautiful. Her underwear looked like a bathing suit and it didn’t seem at all weird that she was laying in a bowl of oversized Greek salad. The main joy I got from seeing her picture is knowing that I won’t have to hear Shannon equivocating anymore. “I won’t wear underwear.” Whatevs, good riddance.

They keep showing Angelea giving her opinions about Dominique. She thinks she’s a better model than Dominique and she’s seriously confused as to why the judges think Dominique’s picture was better than hers. I wonder if there is something brewing that they’ve been building up to these last couple episodes or if they’re just trying to find some drama because there isn’t any in the house anymore. But perhaps they just wanted to start a story about Angelea’s insecurities. She does have a lot of those.

For the challenge, the girls had to evaluate each other with constructive criticism, whether positive or negative. It’s as if it was a casting, but for each girl the judge is all the other girls still in the competition. Laura was up first, then Lisa, then Allison, and then the others. Right away, there was a mix of good and bad comments. None of them were really wrong, but they definitely weren’t all constructive.

As part of the challenge, they had each girl say who didn’t deserve to win. Laura, Lisa, and Allison all wouldn’t pick one person. But Dominique, now my girl, she definitely did! She picked Angelea because of her lack of confidence. Wasn’t expecting that one from Ms. Positive, but I liked it. And oooh did she open up a can of worms! Each girl tried to explain to Angelea that she had a wall up and always took things negatively and could use more confidence. She walked out and said the girls could kiss her ass. Way to prove exactly what they were saying. You took it negatively, put your wall up, and walked out and retreated instead of discussing it like an adult. I like Angelea, but damn that girl could use a look in the mirror.

For their photo shoot, they’re shooting on a cliff with a beautiful view. The shoot is for ancient Greece, especially the Olympics. They’re using fashion accessories that re-create some of the ancient Olympic sports. The photographer is Nigel Barker, one of the judges. I love when he’s the photographer. Dominique was up first. Her shoot went well, but Nigel found himself wondering who she was. They interspersed that with shots of Angelea calling Dominique boring. I know from previous cycles that once Nigel determines your personality can’t be sussed out, you’re screwed until you step it up.

Allison was worried about her shoot since she was voted the girl with the least potential during the challenge. She didn’t really get it when Nigel explained how she should be using the discus. She was awkward, but then got better as the shoot went on. Lisa was doing hurdles, and I wonder how it’s going to go. Nigel criticized her for jumping previously, so she was playing it safe. He fussed at her and got her back on track. She did so amazing after that, at least according to Nigel and Mr. Jay. I couldn’t tell the shots because she was jumping.

Laura did archery. She also had a birdcage type veil mask thing over her face. I hope she can push through that veil. It’s been many a girl’s downfall in previous cycles. Nigel and Mr. Jay were loving her shots. Angelea was the shotput. Nigel felt that she didn’t really get the idea and then was very awkward. I can’t imagine how her best shot is going to look.

The girl’s photos in panel looked all pretty good. No one really bombed, but that’s pretty much expected from these girls. The top photos were: Laura Kirkpatrick, Allison Harvard, and Lisa D’Amato. The bottom two were Angelea Preston and Dominique Reighard. Dominique’s problem was that she wasn’t memorable. Angelea is memorable, but her pictures weren’t as good as Dominique’s. Also, the judges worried that she breaks under pressure.

They picked Angelea to stay. Memorable wins the day. Tyra really encouraged her to find her strength because they next stages of the competition are not going to be like previous cycles. Poor Dominique will probably develop a phobia about photographing with Nigel Barker now. On both of her cycles, she’s gone home the week Nigel was the photographer. Anyway, I’m excited to see what will be coming up in these episodes leading up to the final.

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E9

This week they started off with the girls congratulating Angelea for sticking around after she and Alexandria were in the bottom two. I think this is the first season where all the people who were causing drama and contention in the house get gone soon. Bianca is gone and Alexandria is gone. Lisa doesn’t seem to bother anyone else as much as she bothers me, so she’s still around.

And of course, the show had to stir up some drama. There are only 6 girls left, so what could there possibly be? Well, it turns out that Angelea isn’t really a fan of Dominique. She wants to like her, but she just doesn’t. She thinks Dominique isn’t being genuine. I can understand that. She loves her, but she’s not in love with her.

I knew the international trip was coming up, and I was excited to see how it would be introduced. My favorite introductions so far is anytime they go to Asia. This season…. they’re going to Greece! It was introduced by two men walking into the girls’ house behind Andre Leon Talley and ending up smashing stacks of plates on the floor. It wasn’t exactly and Opa! moment, but it got the point across once it was explained. Then a Greece banner unfolded. They danced around a bit, then went and packed for the flight.

When they land in Athens, Greece, they are greeted by Miss J and the host of America’s Next Top Model Greece. She tells them they have a challenge they have to do. They are taking  a short flight to Crete and they will have to do a press conference when they get there, complete with Greek words. It’s a challenge and the winner gets a piece of jewelry from one of Greece’s most exclusive jewelers.

Lisa went first, and she made them laugh and seemed appealing enough until she invited them all, “let’s rock and roll!!!”. Allison said a ton of Greek words and Miss J really liked her. Shannon got up on her soap box and you could hear the crickets. Dominique has terrible pronunciation of Greek words; just God-awful (great dress though). Poor dyslexic Laura got lost as soon as she said, “I’m Laura,” but at least she’s adorable. Angelea continues to impress me with how much class she can exude, that is until she asks for the bathroom.

Angelea would have won the challenge had she not asked for the bathroom. Allison ended up winning and she got a gorgeous piece of bling. The next morning, they brought in Michael Cinco to design a gown for them to wear in the final runway show. Only the top two girls walk in the show, so that’s some intrigue for coming weeks. I’m looking forward to see who’s dress comes to life.

For their photo shoot, the girls are shooting in a Greek salad modelling in underwear. Shannon has decided she doesn’t do underwear years and years ago. Too bad it wasn’t a bikini shoot, because she’d do a damn string bikini, but not boy shorts. Whatever. The photographer is Nikos Papadopoulos, who shoots for Greece’s Vogue.

The stylist for the shoot told Shannon it was easier to change the model than the prototype. I was cracking up because she started her statement with, “no offense.” Shannon decided not to do the shoot. Maybe self-righteous Barbie can finally go home. Dominique did really well on her shoot, and I’m glad for her that she’s managed to bring out her sexy and feminine side. Angelea also did well, at least once she laid down. Not that many people would look that good pouring olive oil on themselves in a huge bowl of Greek salad.

Laura was feeling well, and I was really hoping it wouldn’t affect her shoot. Allison didn’t do so well because the sun was too bright and when she opened her eyes they teared up. Luckily for her, Shannon is probably guaranteeing the safety of all the girls this week. Lisa walks on set and immediately irritated me again. Do you know the difference between good and well? When you should use well, good, better, etc.? Yeah, Lisa doesn’t know the difference. I used gooder in a blog post title on purpose. She used the word well when she should have used the word good. She might as well have said irregardless or mixed up when to use I versus me. That type of ignorance just drives me up a wall. It’s one thing to not know, it’s another to behave as if you’re well learned on the subject and just be dead wrong. Yuck.

But on another note, Lisa’s shoot possibly went well. They didn’t actually show any reaction of the other girls or Mr. Jay or the photographer. Whatever. Laura got in the bowl and it went well for her, but it’s wasn’t amazing. Shannon was hoping that because she stuck true to her brand, she wouldn’t get penalized for not doing the shoot. Here’s hoping she was dead wrong.

They launched right into the photo analysis at panel and the girls photos were all pretty good. The look on Nigel’s face when Shannon walked up was priceless. He was just over it. He mentioned how all the other girls looked like they were wearing bikinis and not underwear. If I were a producer of this show, I would’ve picked that shoot too, if only to try and show Shannon how ridiculous she was being. Moving on. The rest of the photos were good too. There wasn’t one bad photo in the bunch.

The top photos were: Dominique Reighard, Allison Harvard, Angelea Preston, and Lisa D’Amato.

The bottom two were Laura Kirkpatrick and Shannon Stewart. They think Laura isn’t really sticking with her brand of being lovable and adorable from week to week. They think Shannon is sticking to her brand in a way that’s confusing.

The girl who stayed was: Laura Kirkpatrick. Tyra told her she had to embrace her brand a little better. They said bye to Shannon and wished her well on her journey. Good riddance Self-Righteous Barbie.

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E7

The episode started with Lisa talking about how now that Bre was gone, Bianca didn’t have a bodyguard anymore. After that whooping Bianca gave her during the flag football game, I’d love to see what Lisa thinks she can do to Bianca with her “bodyguard” gone. Please.

Alexandria talked about how she got knocked off her game when Tyra said her picture looked like a reality TV star. Now that I know the point of this week’s photo shoot, I bet Tyra said that to give her a boost. They’re suppose to pose as reality TV stars at the shoot. Tyra really likes Alexandria, and I think she was trying to give her a heads up for exactly what she could do to get a good picture in this shoot.

Shannon drives me crazy! She said they want her pictures to be edgier, but she refused to go “raunchy” even to win this competition because it’s not part of her brand. That girl drives me crazy!!! How does edgy equate to raunchy? Looking like something other than a Precious Moments angel doesn’t mean you have to look like Lisa with her mouth open and legs spread apart in every shot. There is a middle ground. Sheesh!

Their challenge was to create a signature perfume scent. The girls were pretty excited about this challenge . They brought in Ben Bennett who works behind the scene with a lot of fragrances. They each picked three scents and his team blended them together to make each girl’s signature scent.

Lisa: “Neon” is supposed to be a fun girly scent that like a wild party on the beach.

Laura: “Love” is supposed to be a sassy and sexy scent.

Dominique: “Survivor”

Shannon: “Smitten” represents pure. How does smitten represent pure? I dunno.

Angelea: “Angelea” I love that she named her scent after herself. She’s confident without being a megalomaniac like… ahem…. Bianca. I love Bianca, but that girl’s opinion of herself borders on too high. But Miss Angelea is just right.

Allison: “Honey Blood” If you watched her cycle, you totally get it. It may end up only being sold in Hot Topic and Urban Outfitters, but hey, it fits her brand.

Kayla: “Free” I hear crickets, is anybody surprised or impressed by that? That girl really took her brand name to heart and she is using circular knowledge and definitions to support it. Free doesn’t equate to proud lesbian or a meager upbringing only, honey. If you want more mass appeal, step from behind the vagina and the double wide!

Bianca : “Candid” she also chose to use her brand name. It’s supposed to be for tough bad girls. I don’t know that I buy tough bad girl when she’s afraid of everything, but I guess you can be a tough bad girl without being adventurous.

Alexandria: “Diamondatrix” It’s definitely unique and interesting. They showed the girls being incredibly bored while she was getting her scent together. It was kind of funny. I really like her, but I”m guessing the producers don’t because they seem to try and get her to appear negatively in every way possible.

The second part of the challenge was to sell their fragrances to a crowd– from a bathtub. Bianca didn’t like the idea. She had a very interesting reasoning. She said Tyra would never sell her fragrance from a bathtub. She’s probably right about that. She wants to be taken seriously and not be a gimmick. I can understand that, but I can only imagine how this will go over. And giving up her chance at immunity (which will be given to the challenge winner) ahead of time isn’t the smartest decision.

The crowd gave the girls each a score, the highest scorer according to the crowd wins. It was interesting watching the ladies try and sell their brands. Some of the girls did a good job of representing their scents. Others didn’t. The prize was really amazing. There in an America’s Next Top Model scent coming out and the winner of the challenge will be the face of that scent. It’s a million dollar campaign. They didn’t say how much the girl got paid though. But it’s still a big deal. The winner was: Lisa. I guess it’s easy to say you’re gonna be wild and then go “Whoooo!” for two hours. Whatevs.

Their photoshoot was to portray reality TV stars. The photographer was Mike Rosenthal.  Alexandria didn’t take this shoot as an opportunity to do what she knew was going to work well, she took it as a bigger challenge to look high fashion. Oh well. Shannon didn’t know how to be a reality TV star because she doesn’t watch those shows. Whatever, you see the magazines in the grocery store, or watch Saturday Night Live or something. Come on girl.

Kathy Griffin was the guest judge for this week’s panel. She’s hilarious and I can only imagine the critiques she’ll give. And she was hilarious of course. The girls were right about this being a double elimination. I love that the judges didn’t even mention it until it was time to hand out photos. They should be getting closer to getting a plane to another country soon, so two had to go.

The top photos were: Lisa D’Amato, Angelea Preston, Laura Kirkpatrick, Alexandria Everett, Allison Harvard, Dominique Reighard.

The bottom three were Shannon Stewart, Kayla Ferrel, and Bianca Golden. Shannon is seen as somebody who is too safe to stand out. Kayla also doesn’t stand out, and is too watered down. Bianca’s problem is that the judges fear she isn’t coachable. The girl who got the photo is Shannon.

I was so surprised. Seriously, Shannon? She’s so boring and plain and safe. Tyra wants to give her another chance. I guess we’ll see if her chance was worth it. It’s interesting that at the beginning of the episode, Kayla and Bianca were having a conversation about each other’s strengths and weaknesses. They both thought the other had a fatal flaw, but I had no idea that they were both so right about the other. Ugh, if it were up to me, I would have gotten rid of Shannon over Bianca any day. I guess I just don’t like her boring ass.

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E6

Last week LaToya Jackson saved Lisa and Angelea. I started watching this episode hoping it was Lisa’s last. Just watching her talk and watching her chew and ugh, she irritates me just by standing there. They re-hashed the whole thing with Bianca and her again. Bianca is a bit much, but I like her, so I’m on her side and I’m hoping Lisa gets gone.

Bre started talking about how she’s always there for Bianca, but now it’s time for her to start thinking about herself because she’s always in the bottom three and four. By changing up her focus, she expects to do better this week.

Their first challenge is a charity flag football game. They brought in 4 NFL players (one of whom is Jahvid Best from my Fantasy Football team, woot!) and also the eliminated girls from earlier in the cycle. They split the girls into the blue team and the red team. Bianca took the game as an opportunity to settle some scores. She was on the blue team and Lisa and Shannon were on the red team. She was throwing ‘bows for real!

I have to say I enjoyed the recaps of those whoopings. And even better, the blue team won! The NFL players won $2500 each for their charities. Kayla won the challenge. Part of her prize was jewelry. The other part was a photo shoot that goes up on Tyra’s website Type F. Andre Leon Talley did the styling for the shoot. Her shoot went really well.

Their photo shoot was a “good ole bitch fight”. They had supermodel Coco Rocha posing with them. The girls got split into pairs to pose with her. The photographer was Douglas Friedman. Angelea was immediately intimidated and her shoot sucked at first. Mr. Jay took her to the side and talked her down and she got waaaay better and her shoot actually turned out alright. The look for the shoot was a couture glam modern take on the late 1970s.

Shannon was paired with Bianca. They had a lot of issues last week, but they worked it out for the shoot. They worked really well together. Good for them.

Kayla was paired with Allison. Kayla (and I) expected Allison to kill her, but Allison looked really lost and never really found her footing in the shot. Kayla did pretty well, but Mr. Jay said they both looked really amateur.

Laura was paired with Angelea. Laura kept doing this fall thing like she was getting knocked over. I already said that Angelea’s shoot didn’t start well. I hadn’t yet mentioned the tears. She started crying out of nowhere. Jay talked to her and tried to make her feel better. That was really nice of him. I felt like it was a coin flip on whether he would console her or tell her to get it together. She came back and had it together.

Alexandria was paired with Bre. They seemed to think it was a good idea to be the loudest of the day. I don’t know why Bre thought being loud would make a better picture as opposed to say… posing better. But she screamed so much and threw Coco off her game. Mr. Jay was trying to give her tips, but it didn’t go well. Alexandria also was lackluster. I was underwhelmed and everyone else seemed to be too. Later, Alexandria said, “all we needed to do was be loud.” Then she and Bre high-fived. Uh… no… hell no. I think that was the dumbest thing said this entire episode and Lisa did a lot of talking.

Lisa was paired with Dominique. Dominique looked beautiful. Lisa was over-the-top. Over-the-top could work for this type of shoot. Mr. Jay was really impressed with their shoot. He said they were the perfect trio of the day. They should have a great photo.

At panel, they jumped right into the photos. Not much worth mentioning, except that they all thought Bianca upstaged Shannon in their photo though they both looked good. That makes me happy cause I think that Shannon is a bit full of crap about her whole sensitivit thing. She does some mean ass and wild girl ass shit that the camera keeps catching and I call bullshit.

The top photos were: Dominique Reighard, Lisa D’Amato, Bianca Golden, Angelea Preston, Allison Harvard, Kayla Ferrel, Shannon Stewart, and Laura Kirkpatrick.

The bottom two were Alexandria Everett and Bre Scullark. They were in the bottom two, showing their “all we needed to do was be loud” strategy didn’t work out so well. Bre feels guarded except in this last shoot. Her performance on set didn’t translate to a good photo. Alexandria used to have amazing photos in her previous cycle, but not so much in this cycle. The judges felt like she was losing her competitive edge and getting soft.

Alexandria got picked to stay. Bre didn’t even wait to say good bye. She hugged Alexandria and then walked away. Poor Bianca looked like she was about to cry. I wonder how she will do in the next episode.

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E5

Last week’s episode saw Angelea get the top photo and Camille went home. I was glad to see that because I really like Angelea and can’t stand Camille. Aside from her characterization on the show, what she said about Isis in an earlier episode is still rubbing me the wrong way.

What did she say exactly? They were doing a photo shoot and she stated she wouldn’t be outdone by someone who isn’t a real woman. She needs an ass-whooping and a lesson about sex, gender, and sexuality. Asshole, good riddance.

Bianca is causing drama because of her emerging megalomania. She thinks she’s above the competition and the other girls because she’s “the real model.” This will not end well. Or maybe they’re trying to mix it up and she ends up winning the whole thing. Who knows? She has the skills to win. We’ll see. And after her drama with saintly Shannon, I feel two things. 1: bad for Bianca and 2: irritation toward Lisa. I’m ready for her to go home. That Lisa makes me root for Bianca and her delusions. That should tell you how much that girl bothers me.

Quote of the show: “It wasn’t even her fight. Celebrity rehab 4, 5, and 6 is calling her name. I’m done.” Said by Bianca about Lisa. Hilarious!

Their challenge was a carousel runway challenge. That means they will have to walk onto and off of a carousel during the runway show. I’m interested to see who has the ability to make it work. Models are known for their core strength. NOT. This challenge will be funny and interesting if nothing else. They were wearing clothes from the Kardashians for Sears line. I’ve looked at those clothes. Nobody’s waist is that small. I have a tiny tiny waist and I needed a size Large. I refuse to believe the big sister fits those clothes. And they’re not very affordable ($99 for a blazer?). But those clothes sure are hot!

The winners were Bre and Lisa. They each got take home a outfit from head to toe from the collection. Bianca had even more drama after the show. Bre had her back though, listening to all they were saying behind her back. I’m all for standing up when people are ganging up on you for being you. Lisa kept jumping in stuff that didn’t concern her. If you don’t like someone, leave them alone. I’m with Biance and Bre. We don’t have time for that high and mighty mess. Hopefully this will give Bianca what she needs to push forward and deliver a great photo at the shoot.

Their photo shoot was inspired by Michael Jackson. That makes me so happy because I’m a huge fan. LaToya Jackson was on set as the client. Tim Peterson was the photographer. LaToya actually seemed pretty helpful. I can only hope it gets through to the girls. The first person who’s shot I really wasn’t a fan of was Alexandria’s. I’m hoping she got a good photo though. Angelea was also super awkward. I was kind of hoping she’d get top photo two weeks in a row. All the other girls were great, in particular Biance, Bre, and Allison.

Shannon is officially full of shit. She walked past Bianca during the shoot and said, “rejected.” Then when Bianca got upset, Shannon played the victim. Again. “Why does she hate me so much?” “I meant it as a joke.” Why would one make a mean-spirited joke to someone they’ve been having issues with all week. I call bullshit. I call bullshit. And when Bianca said she’s supposed to be a Christian, so why is she being mean, she played the persecuted Christian card. Again I call bullshit. Yes, Christians are persecuted for their faith. But that persecution doesn’t extend to when you’re called out for doing something mean-spirited. Again I call bullshit.

I don’t really talk much about the panel and today, I’ll only say that Lisa’s outfit put Andre Leon Talley in physical pain and Bianca talked about the week’s drama with Tyra after she brought it up. Also, they let LaToya Jackson decide the entire order of the photos. This made me happy because she likes Bianca, so I figured that would increase her chances of making it through this week.

On to the top photos: Laura Kirkpatrick, Shannon Stewart, Dominique Reighard, Allison Harvard, Alexandria Everett, Kayla Ferrel, Bre Scullark, Bianca Golden.

The bottom two were Lisa D’Amato and Angelea Preston. I couldn’t imagine Angelea would be going home. LaToya didn’t choose to send anyone home. I was like, “Whaaaaaa—?!?!”

Sigh, oh well. There will be two going home next week I’m sure. Crossing my fingers that it’s Lisa.

America’s Next Top Model, C17 E4

I wrote about America’s Next Top Model for the last two seasons on my old blogs. To read the posts I wrote about the first three episodes of this Cycle 17, just look below.

Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3

Episode 3 saw Isis leave. I was a fan of her for her strength and her style. But she never did do a good job of showing herself through her photos, so she had to go.

Lisa talked about being on celebrity rehab. I didn’t know that because I never watched that show. But I did notice how weird her lips look. I have hang-ups about the way people chew. I officially hate the way she chews. Her unfortunate choice of lipstick colors don’t help.

The girls got mail delivered to the house. Some got gifts and letter from family. Camille talked about how her mail had work and bills. Oh boo-hoo, you’re old as hell and have responsibilities. I don’t know why this chick drives me up a wall. She’s just got this veneer and I don’t like it.

Kayla had a health scare that had been advertised throughout all the commercials for the show up to this point. She took a ridiculous combination of pills and her heart started racing. She got nauseous, threw up, and was rushed to the emergency room. It turns out she has an arrhythmia. Finding it in a way that won’t kill you can actually end up saving your life later, but it’s still pretty scary because it feels like a mini heart attack. She’ll be on edge about that for as long as she’s in this competition I imagine.

Their challenge is an audition for a role on CSI. These girls want to be models, so they never learn science-y words. They had to say this phrase, “Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer”, and hardly any of them could. I feel some kind of way that they seriously couldn’t even remember it. It’s no harder than when they learn a new language for a CoverGirl commercial overseas. Pssshhh! The nerd in me is hating on these uneducated girls.

Anthony Zuiker is the guest judge as well as the judge for this challenge. He’s the producer for all the CSI shows. All the girls sucked except Bre and Angelea, which made me happy because they are the two “hood” chicks. Good for them for rising to the challenge. Bre ended up winning and she will have the guest spot. I can’t wait to see it, I bet it will be great!

Their photo shoot was with Express. An Express ad campaign is one of the prizes, so this was a big photo shoot. Lisa Gavales was on set, and she’s the chief marketing officer for Express. She reminded the girls to be sexy and sophisticated, and to be the girl who wants to get noticed. 

They had four options for what character they were portraying in their photo shoot: Girlfriend, Flirt, Cool Chick, Socialite. They had three male models with them who were in all the shots they took. The photographer was Alvaro Goveia.

Angelea Preston: socialite; Kayla Ferrel: cool chick; Allison Harvard: girlfriend; Bre Scullark: flirt; Dominique Reighard: cool chick; Bianca Golden: flirt; Shannon Stewart: girlfriend; Laura Kirkpatrick: flirt; Alexandria Everett: socialite; Camille McDonald: socialite; Lisa D’Amato: cool chick.

Mr. J was very opinionated about the girls. I felt kind of bad for some of them. Then it was time for judging. I’m just going to skip to the top photos. They were: Angelea Preston, Dominique Reighard, Allison Harvard, Laura Kirkpatrick, Kayla Ferrel, Shannon Stewart, Bre Scullark, Bianca Golden, Alexandria Everett.

The bottom two are: Lisa D’Amato and Camille McDonald. They both made a ton of excuses and the judges had enough. Lisa was completely unpredictable and Camille is too perfect.  They kept Lisa. I have to say I was glad to see Camille go. That comment she made about Isis in the last episode made me so completely done with her.

They showed a clip from next week when the Kardashian sisters show up. Should be fun, I guess. Am I the only one underwhelmed by the Kardashians?