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Confession: I’m A Bit Of A Nesting Monster

When it comes to moving, I’m a bit of a monster.

Scratch that.

It’s become clear that I’m a full out bitch.

I don’t start off with that intention, but it always ends this way.

After moving my crap around this country eleven times in the last ten years, it’s become clear that I turn into a raving mad awful no good person on moving day.

Hello, my name is CeCe, and I’m a moveaholic.

I forgot this about myself because I hated our apartment in Hyde Park in Chicago, but I get a rush out of settling into a new place. Unpacking boxes and rearranging our items just so gets me going.

All of this sounds positive, right?


When it comes to my feelings about moving into a new place, it’s just not a group activity.

Not even a little bit.

Last night the husband and the future divorcé arrived to our cute little Brooklyn brownstone. They had a UHaul truck mostly full of stuff. We quickly decided that I’d watch the truck and move the items to the edge of the truck. The divorcé would take the items from the back of the truck into the building. The husband’s job was to get the items inside the apartment.

The whole thing took under two hours I think. I honestly wasn’t checking the time. We have a lot of crap, even with the downsize to prepare for New York living. Once we got everything into the apartment, all I wanted to do was setup the bed so I could sleep in my own bed.

I also needed to setup the shelves for the entertainment area and get the TV ready for the cable guy who’s supposed to come today.

When I walked into the apartment and saw how the husband had placed things, I got upset. I was fussing about why the clothes weren’t put into the bedroom and why the coast weren’t put into the closet and why the kitchen stuff wasn’t put into the kitchen and why everything was piled against the wall where I’d already told him the TV would be setup on.

The divorcé offered to help move some things around, but then abruptly changed his mind and rescinded his offer.

That’s when I realized I’d just given him a look of death.

I gave him a how-dare-you-offer-to-help-you’ll-probably-only-just-fuck-it-up-save-yourself-and-get-the-hell-out-of-my-face look.

It was a look the husband knew all too well. All he said was, “we’re going to go park the UHaul somewhere we won’t get a ticket, then we’re going to find food. We’ll see you later.”

I really married the right man y’all. Other guys I’ve dated would’ve reacted in less.. productive ways. But not the husband. He saw the signs of a woman on the rampage and cleared out. Also, he probably didn’t want to have to snap on me after all my fussing. He saved himself and he saved me.

While they were gone, I got to work. There’s just something so great about organizing. I don’t even know how to explain it.

All of the stress I feel when moving to a new place comes lashing out at the nearest person who tries to help. As a personal self-growth note, I really need to fix that shit. I shouldn’t have my loved ones running for the hills just because I’ve moved, especially because I move so damn often.

But all that stress just melts away with each new shelf I setup. And when the bed was fully put together, I really relaxed. By the time the basics were setup, it was after 1:00am and I was overdue to get some sleep so I could get up for work in the morning.

Except one thing.

I couldn’t find the cord to plug in the TV. the way our TV is setup, the power cord can detach. I didn’t remember where I packed it, and I was worried the cable guy wouldn’t be able to get our stuff setup today. But it worked out. The husband found the cord this morning and plugged it in.

Even though I didn’t have the cord when I went to bed last night, I didn’t stress because I knew the husband would handle it. That’s how I knew my release therapy via shelf-building worked.

So now I just have to go home after work and finish unpacking, hopefully while watching the new episode of Property Virgins on HGTV. But that’s not guaranteed. The cable company called while I was writing this post to tell me the guy was running late, and they didn’t know what time he’d get to me.

Lord, let this man arrive today, otherwise I’m going to revert right back to how I was last night. And I don’t think the husband will put up with that shit two days in a row.

I Forgot To Give This Post A Title…

This month has been such a flurry of activity, I don’t even know where to start. Things at work are always in flux. We’re transitioning to a new schedule, and increased training. Not to mention, one of our regulators just showed up for a visit/observation. They don’t schedule those, they just show up.

Outside of work, things are also crazy. I can tell you that I’m having as much trouble packing as I did unpacking. I haven’t put a single thing into a box. For that matter, I haven’t even purchased packing supplies. And our lease is up in 12 days. What the hell is wrong with me?

Trying to stay healthy and work out is an ongoing struggle. It’s hard to make the time and find the motivation, but I’m still trying.

My parents just got back from Paris and Amsterdam. I want to be like them when I grow up. How nice it would be to take trips like that. I can barely afford this weekend road trip to New York City with my girls this weekend.

Yup, I’m going to NYC less than a week before I have to move out of an apartment I haven’t even started packing up yet.

Oh, and I’m sick. I’m sick in a the-weather-is-so-crazy-that-we’ve-been-fluctuating-between-air-conditioning-and-heat-in-the-house-and-I-have-no-idea-how-to-dress-so-I-always-end-up-wearing-the-wrong-clothes-for-the-current-weather-and-now-I’m-sick kind of way.

You don’t need air conditioning when it’s 56 degrees out. You do need air conditioning when it’s 86 degrees out. When both happen in less than 12 hours, you can’t plan for that. Sleeping under needless air conditioning literally makes me sick.

Sore throat, headache, sinus pressure, and lethargy. Isn’t the start of summer grand?

There is some good news in all this. In just over a week from now, I’ll be out of Hyde Park for good! It’s a great place to visit and hang out, but I intend to never live there again.

After I’m done being sick, I look forward to a summer without paying rent (yay parents for letting us move in with you while we work out the next step), neighborhood/food festivals, watching the husband play all these great gigs (Chicago Jazz Fest anyone?), and letting things finally even out at work.

Let’s Do It Again

Anyone familiar with the Staple Singers? I love music from before and right around the time I was born (this song clearly being almost ten years before). Those people could put together an entire song without ever saying two complete sentences. Good job Curtis Mayfield.

This barely PG song was running through my mind as I was feeling like getting back on top of all the goals I’ve set for myself.

Today is the first day in a while I’ve felt better about work. Things are still up in the air about so many aspects of my department, but at least I’m getting used to it. Having a new boss, having different job duties, and having different employees was really a lot to take in all at once.

I’ve been reading a lot of great blog posts around about how to handle stress. It gave some great tips, but it also just reminded me to acknowledge the stress and not hermit crab myself until it passed. Almost as soon as I looked the stress right in the eye, it dissipated.

I’m still not crazy about things at work, but I have a whole new perspective.

Ah, who am I kidding. I feel better because I see a way out. When you fix one part of your life, the rest seems to feel less important. Our lease on the apartment I’ve come to hate is up June 30th.

Obviously, I’ll be turning Project UnPack into Project Downsize-and-RePack. Wish me luck. I really have no choice but to get shit done in the next couple months. If I tell myself that a few more times, perhaps I’ll really mean it.

Since I’m getting my projects back on task, I’ll take a look at being healthy again. My blog was judging me as Day 90 came and went for the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis. I really dropped the ball on that one.

If I start again (for the third time), I’ll start back at the beginning. I’m thinking I should. It was going well when I was making time for it no matter what and when I was utilizing MyFitnessPal.

A new friend I met through UBP13 named Danielle over at Motivating Mommy has invited me to friend her on the app/website. She’s my first friend on that site, so I’m looking forward to using that to get back into it. Can you tell I’m barely effective at utilizing social media?

So with Project RePack, starting over at Day 1 for Tracy Anderson, and finding a balance at work, I’ve got an awful lot on my plate. You know what always smooths things out for me? Shopping!

I don’t really have the expendable income to do a lot of shopping for myself, but I can do shopping for others. There are birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays coming up soon. Today, I just purchased the birthday gift for our twin nieces. We’re getting them these adorable old school style lunch boxes. Want to see a sample of what they look like? Of course you do!

So adorable, right? And these are just a few options they have.

So adorable, right? And these are just a few options they have.

If you click the screenshot, it will take you to the Frecklebox website, and you can have a closer look.I purchased two already and the gifts are shipping soon my way customized for each girl. Even though it’s not for me, a bit of shopping really just rounds out my week and takes the edge off.

For clarity’s sake, this wasn’t sponsored at all. If it were, the picture would be better, the post more streamlined, and praise more effusive.

Aside from the shopping-when-I-have-no-money, who’s getting back on track with me? Being healthy, reducing stress, making your house apartment a home? Let’s do this!

Hyde Park, Oh How I Hate Thee

Can someone explain to me why my neighborhood is full of assholes? Just non-parking assholes. Assholes who don’t understand that we’re all living practically on top of each other, so can you please have you domestic dispute a little quieter? I know there are jerks everywhere, but my little south side of Chicago eclectic neighborhood houses a special kind.

Pretty soon, my problems will change. I’m looking forward to June 30th. That’s the day our lease is up. I’m turning Project UnPack into Project Pack The Hell Up.

I’m trying to decide if I want to go the route of trying to sell all the extra crap we have. We really don’t need two beds, but we have it. We really don’t need 3 TVs, but we have it. And we really truly don’t need all the bookcases we have, especially since we bought the Elfa shelves. Wouldn’t it be better to donate everything to Salvation Army or something and get a nice receipt for when we file taxes? I like the idea that my TVs would help someone who would get a great deal at the Salvation Army store.

Aside from packing up and leaving and downsizing all our crap, there are a few other things I’ll be glad to say good-bye to:

  1. Theft: someone stole the husband’s bike. They stole it from the basement room in our building that houses over 15 bikes. As far as we know, his is the only one missing.
  2. Gunfire: I hate that I saw two people exchange gunfire outside my apartment. I grew up in the 100s, so gunfire isn’t new to me. But for real, when you have galleries and hotels (not motels) and pets dogs so well trained they don’t need leashes in your neighborhood, you shouldn’t have to also dodge bullets.
  3. Hypocritical Cops: Having to deal with cops who don’t come when I report gunfire, but who make my parents move for sitting in their car outside our apartment talking before pulling off is some bullshit. I’ve heard more handcuff jokes from cops who were poorly flirting than I’ve seen drive past wearing their seat belts. And we have CPD, University of Chicago PD, and whoever those unmarked cops are because we live a half mile from Obama’s house.
  4. Poor parking: Aside from the fact that the neighborhood is too congested is the fact that half the residents cannot park. If you know your neighborhood doesn’t have enough parking, why do you purposely park like a jackass? I will never understand the answer to that. And for all you people who are self-aware bad parkers, ignorance is not an excuse. They can tell when they get out of their car that had they only moved up another foot, someone else could park behind them.

At this point, I don’t even care where we live next. As long as there is no parking issues, and the cops come when folks start shooting, I’ll be happy.

Oh, and if I could somehow make my work commute (~90 minutes in traffic currently) more bearable, that would be nice too.

Someone who loves where they live give me a comment so I can live vicariously through you for the next three months!

Getting Inspired

Sometimes, inspiration strikes. In my endless quest to unpack my house, I have felt like such a failure. One thing that has helped is having ongoing project to organize everything. Organize is a happier term for more than unpack. Don’t ask me why, it is what it is.

The main failures are the unpacked boxes and the the unused storage containers.

This brings me to mine eureka moment. After we organized all our living room shelves, we have no more need for our bookcases. Yet in our apartment they still sit. I’ve decided to move the bookcases to our weekend bedroom and use them to store the billion extra blankets and materials currently scattered around that room.

The desk that is currently taking up real estate com be moved to where the bookcases are now and then the husband will have access to it because he only ever used the computer in the living room anyway.

If you could see our apartment, you would totally see the genius of this plan. Perhaps a more clear example of my revelation will help. In or bedroom, we have a tower. This is no ordinary tower. This tower is made of towels. It’s actually twin towers.

These Twin Towel Towers exist because the one thing both the husband and I bought in abundance to our marriage (besides love, trust, and communication of course) is towels. Lots and lots of towels. And when they are all clean and piled up high, the card are at risk of being buried alive in a fluffy avalanche.

I have finally tackled this big ass problem. I’m going to use the husband’s Rubbermaid bins to good them. The way those bins are shaped means we can store those towels under the bed. I’m looking forward to less towels-and-weird-shaped-bin-and-unpacked-boxes clutter.

On another note, work was so awesome tonight cause I got pulled in on a secret. The significant other of one of my co-workers is planning a huge awesome surprise for her. What he has planned for her have me a hear idea for the husband. But he reads this blog, so I’m not giving anything away yet.

Enough of my inspirations. What inspires you?

Getting My [insert noun here] In Shape

Summer, my body, parties, my apartment, hobbies. Fill in the blank with almost anything I wish I were doing more of.

I should be getting my ass in shape. I’m working on it. But just not as wholeheartedly as I’d like. I love bike riding, and I love yoga. Finding the time and motivation is a losing battle. At least I’m eating better. More grains and fruit, less over-processed and fried foods.

Summer is shaping up. I’ve been trying to spend more time outside, and more time with my friends. I’ve been quite unsuccessful at both. It took so long to get warm, and now that it is, I’ve got to get it together. I have a whole week off starting the 4th of July. I’m planning some great things for the husband’s birthday, and I should be able to squeeze a lot in that week.

We’re throwing a party for the husband’s birthday. We had one in June which was amazing. And we’ll have another in July. That should keep me feeling party-ful for the summer. I’m still in my 20s, so I shouldn’t be over clubs yet, should I? I am though, so I won’t be doing much partying-in-a-loud-ass-room-surrounded-by-strangers-I-have-no-interest-in.

My apartment is still terrible. It’s getting better, but I haven’t made any progress since we got those amazing shelves from The Container Store. My next plan is to buy another set of shelves and connect it to the first set. The expansion will make room for the TV and our books. That way we can get rid of the bookcases and really have some effective downsizing done ahead of the move to NYC.

And lastly hobbies. I thought I’d be doing more at church, more volunteering, more rock climbing. And I’ve done nothing. I don’t even draw in my sketchbook anymore.

You know what? I’m done complaining. If I spend all my free time doing nothing, I can’t feel bad that I’ve got nothing done. I’m going to focus on what I can get done.

I can stay on top of my TV shows.

I’m not kidding. I really do love television. And coming up this month and next are the summer premiers of some of my favorite shows. I love White Collar, Leverage, Franklin & Bash. I can watch those shows and feel a sense of accomplishment.

And then after that, I’ll get my butt up off the couch and go bike riding along the lake. And I’ll invite along one of my friends. And bring a snack of fresh fruit and water.

Boom, problem solved.

Project UnPack: Now This Is Living (Room)!

So far, we’ve done the bathroom, the kitchen, and the foyer. Don’t even ask about the bedrooms. I guess I’m saving those for last. Or avoiding them like the plague. Either way.

The husband and I had discussed going to The Container Store to get proper storage for all the stuff we need to keep in our living room space. Finally, we went in early May. Or maybe it was late April, I can’t remember. We walked into the store and every nesting urge I’ve ever had smiled inside me.

We found a very helpful salesman who I gave an elaborate backstory to in my head. I decided he was gay and living with his partner and that one weekend we’d run into them at brunch at one of my favorite spots in Chicago for brunch. Then we’d go antiquing. Then rock climbing. They also own a poodle and an iguana. But back to his helpfulness in real life.

He pointed us toward the right shelving for our needs and managed to keep us from spending too much over budget. We saved money by agreeing to put it together ourselves. And bonus! The shelving dissembles easily and takes up hardly no space, so it will be travelling with us to NYC. I may buy the connector set and make that a bookcase/TV stand so all we’ll need for our entire living room storage is 8-10 feet of open wall.

The husband and I never seem to gel on these projects where things have to be put together. Eventually we called it a night, and when he left for work in the morning, I got back to work. It’s really a two-person job, but I managed. I got so energized from seeing the shelves come together that I spread my efforts to the rest of the living room area. I was so excited for the husband to see it when he got home.

I’ll have to dig a “before” picture out from somewhere so you can see how far it’s come.

I had to take down the birthday banner to accommodate the shelving. It looks slightly cluttered, but it looked way worse on closer inspection. now everything has somewhere to go.

Now our entire common area is complete and it’s amazing. Well, the bookcases could be better, but I will fix that with another set of shelves. And then it will be perfect!

Our living room space looks so cozy now!

This is our shelving with space for all our instruments, Wii add-ons, and my beloved record player.

We have streamlined our TV stand and found room for extra Wii accessories on the wall.

Here’s a better view of the whole room. You can see we still have the orange banner up from my birthday last year. I love orange.

In case you’re wondering, we used the adjustable shelving by Elfa. They are amazing and indispensable if you’ve got a couple hundred dollars to spare. I can see my future with Elfa shelving in my closet, my pantry, my garage, my office, hell even my bathroom. Home ownership will reflect my love for Caboodles as a child.

How do you get your home organized and streamlined?

Resolutions, Week 9

I know I basically took a month off on the resolutions, but it was so I could gain weight and have a hilarious series of photos for my wedding with the hook and eye bursting as my maid of honor strapped me in my dress.

But I’m back now and trying to make good on my resolutions. Back to cooking my husband dinner, back to Project UnPack. Speaking of Project UnPack, that’s mostly just me trying to de-wedding my apartment. The husband has been a huge help with that.

So here are my resolutions:

1) Cook dinner for the husband at least once a week.   

2) Go to some sort of production/media thingee once a month. This can be as extravagant as the opera, or as simple as a movie theater.   

3) Exercise an average of 3 times a week. This can be going jogging or yoga.   

4) Improve my diet to a point where I’m only eating fried foods once a week.   

5) Finish unpacking my apartment by April.   

6) Get another cat.   

7) Use one of my bridal shower gifts at least once a week. Giggity.

Here’s how I did:

1) I meant to cook dinner, I really did. but neither of us wanted to go to the grocery store. And then I spent a whole evening putting together a fantastic liquor cabinet our bridesmaids bought it. It fits everything: punch bowl, shot glasses, wine, wine glasses, etc. So we admired that while we ate take out barbeque.

2) I went to see Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds with my mom on Thursday. I find myself enjoying his movies more and more as they start to feel more like real rom-coms and less like new age church-y minstrel shows.

3) Yeah, I’m almost back up to the highest weight I’ve ever been. Thank God for stretchy jegging pants because my jeans do not fit.

4) I may have had french fries like 3 times this week. Sigh.

5) Well, I finally put up all our wedding gifts that are already at our house. That’s the first step in our effort to de-wedding our apt.

6) Working on it.

7) I’m wearing one of the gifts right now. Or at least I was when I got home from work. Wink.

Project UnPack: Down The Hall, The Door On The Right

Depending on where you are in my apartment, this title post will lead you to the bathroom. Given in another spot, it will lead you to our shoe closet. We love our shoe closet. Both the fiancé and I have a love with shoes. But I’m getting off topic. This post is not about our love affair with footwear, it’s about finally directing people to our bathroom without worrying they’ll meet their demise under and avalanche of [insert beauty product here].

I have a love affair with grooming. I have a lot of nail polis, Mary Kay products, combs and brushes (and I have locs…), smell good stuff, etc. Add in towels and the fact that we never unpacked our apartment, and you’ve got quite the mess. Let me refresh your memory about what our bathroom used to look like as recently as last week.

I’ve mended my evil ways, y’all. I have a bathroom that is organized and easily navigable. Even the fiancé can find what he needs there. All he has is cologne and lotion, but still.

I really felt like I had my shit together when a guest in my house asked for cotton balls. I told her, “top drawer on the right.” She found them in 2 seconds. 2 Seconds!! No one’s found anything in that bathroom in 2 seconds besides toilet paper since we moved in! Winning!

Okay, I’m done with the exclamation points and here with yet another numbered list to explain why having an organized bathroom rocks.

1) Even if your bathroom is actually clean, people believe you easier when it’s organized. Otherwise, you get the skeptical, “how-can-it-be-clean-did-you-move-that-pile-of-stuff-to-clean-under-it-and-put-it-right-back?” look. With an organized bathroom, they believe.

2) You can send others to do your bidding. “Bring me my [insert toiletry item here]” works a lot better when you can direct them straight to it.

3) It just makes you happy to see the organization. When I show you pictures, which I know you’re dying to see, you’ll see why my bathroom makes me happy.

4) No more dropping things on your feet. I dropped a surprisingly heavy bottle of nail polish or moisturizer on my foot at least once a week. Our bathroom isn’t large, or even medium, so space is important and making the most of it is too.<

And now, pictures!

See how organized the bins are now? The middle right drawer may have to go though. I have locs and he is bald. We don’t need an entire drawer for hair stuff…

Decorative towels. Perhaps too much, but I like it, so it stays.

This vase with faux flowers was borrowed from my front hall. But it really fills in that window. I didn’t want curtains in here and now I don’t need them!

The others are just of the rest of the bathroom. Organized and matching the decor. Go us! The fiancé did help a bit. He took out the garbage. I had a huge ass bag of garbage that had to go. Old lotions, creme, polishes, etc. I could have started a day-old bakery version of Bath & Body Works…

Project UnPack: A Kitchen I Want To Both Cook And Eat In


I have this project I’m working on. It’s called Project UnPack. The goal is to unpack (finally!) the apartment the fiancé and I moved into in June. Our lease is up July 1st of next year. I’ve got to say, at the rate we’re going, we’ll be unpacked and organized just in time to pack up again and move. Le sigh.

So far, the unpacking has been slow-moving, but effective. It started with outing myself for how terrible things really looked. Then, The fiancé and I hit a hiccup. Most recently, we began to welcome people to our apartment like normal folk.

In the time that has passed, we’ve been super busy. We’re always busy, which is why our apartment looks like crap. But in an effort to at least make the space that most of our guests spend most of their time look better, I got inspired one afternoon. I love cooking and I love our kitchen, but it really needed some polish and organization. So I got to work, and I’m pretty satisfied with the finished result.

I'm not taking those orange beads off the door. They're from my birthday party. But everything else is all kitchen purpose-y and well-organized.

That’s just the first half of the kitchen.

Organizing the counter so it only had neat and essential items was a big step. I even fixed the clock for Daylight Savings Time. You can see remnants of other birthday decorations, which I'm not taking down until we move.

We don’t have any real storage space, but I at least wanted to make the area we have neat.

We don't have a lot of storage space, but this is about as good as it's going to get for out cat stuff, vases, step stool,garbage can, and recycling. In our next place, there will be real storage in the kitchen area!

But you really have to see the view from over in the living room area.

We have a bar instead of a table, and that worked just fine for me. I'm pleased with our whole kitchen, even if the pendant lights are surrounded by crepe paper I'm never taking down.

I’d say it was a pretty successful afternoon. If you look again at that last picture, there is a cookie jar there that was a housewarming gift from one of the fiancé’s exes (don’t ask). I’m not a fan of her, but I love that cookie. That afternoon, I also baked fresh cookies to put in the jar. They were peanut butter chip and chocolate chip cookies. Soooo good.

One of these days, I’m going to stop talking about all the great things I have cooked/baked. Or at least put up an accompanying recipe.

Next up on the Project UnPack list: the bathroom! It’s definitely clean and useable, it’s just not organized or unpacked.

Project UnPack: A Welcoming Foyer

After that first hiccup, I was kind of afraid I’d lost my will to get it together. But then I saw that slideshow I put up. It was part shame, and part defiance, but I got a second wind.

I work nights, but when I have a couple days in a row off, I sleep at night with the fiancé. So I woke up with lots of daylight still to go. The fiancé wanted our bedroom unpacked first. He made a noticeable dent in the room himself on Tuesday. You can actually see the floor!

You can actually see the floor! Not much of it, but it's a start.

I need a bit more fortitude than I currently possess to attack that room myself, but I was feeling inspired, so I went after the foyer. I don’t know if you remember that section of the disaster from the slideshow, but I’ll remind you. You may want to view this through spread apart fingers.

All those unpacked boxes. And coats. And boxes. And purses. And boxes. Sigh.

But this is just one view; it’s what you see when walking down the hallway. It actually looks worse from when you see it when you first open the door.

This is what our guests saw when they walked into the apartment. We're so sorry!

I unpacked the boxes and hung up the decorations. Once I could actually get to the closet, I put up the Christmas decorations and finally hung all the coats. For about 2.5 hours of hard work, I fully unpacked our foyer. Would you like to see it now?

No more boxes!!! Just an unpacked and welcoming foyer!

I was very proud of myself for hanging that coat rack by myself. My last apartment had carpet for me to balance on the step stool on, and I don’t have great balance.

This is what you see now when you walk into our apartment. You're Welcome!

Now my mom won’t judge us when she comes over. Well, at least she won’t until she looks to her left and sees our bedroom. Wry smile.

Wall art hanging up finally... And still my birthday party decorations. Those will stay though. For now.

When the fiancé came home, he was so surprised. He stopped in the doorway and just looked around for quite a while. I think he was really pleased. Well, the big grin he had on his face stayed big even after he saw the huge pile of boxes he had to take down to the trash, so I know he was really pleased. You can see the silhouette of those boxes against the kitchen door if you look to the right in that photo. The stack was like 6.5 feet tall!

It made me happy to show him that I wasn’t just talking when I said I’d really get our apartment together. I get on him a lot about keeping his word even on small things. I want to be accountable too. We’re building a foundation for marriage here; we’ve got to be on best behavior in the hopes that it will magically become our permanent behavior.

He wants me to tackle our bedroom next. I’m making no promises… Maybe I’ll finally finish our kitchen.

Project UnPack: A Hiccup Out The Starting Gate

I realized that though I wrote a post about how the apartment unpacking didn’t get off to a good start, didn’t actually post it. So here it is.

The fiancé and I were in the middle of an argument. Neither of us were particularly angry at first, but it was an argument nonetheless.

We’re supposed to work well together according to our zodiac signs. But I guess if you factor in how we were raised and the things we learned along the way, things diverge.

The argument started because he never looks at the serving size on any package before he eats. What’s the big deal about that, right? I mean nobody looks at serving sizes.

Well, the big deal is that he agreed to do it. The fiancé has impulse control issues and he’s overweight. And he tends to eat whenever he’s stressed. Which is why he’s eating right now.

But enough of the impulse control. That’s a post for another time. This post is about us not getting off to a good start getting our house together.
The fiancé was under the impression that we would be cleaning up at the same time. I never said that. After years of doing big spring cleanings with my whole family, I know better than to put two people in one room and give them the same task. When I said we’d do it together, I meant that we’d each do our part. He thought something different. Hence, the argument.

Add to that our differing views on portion sizes, saying what you mean, and who’s caused the other more disappointment (he’s caused waaaaaaay more for the record), and you’ve got quite an argument on your hands.

It got worse before it got better. We made up and definitely had a pretty good Tuesday date to confirm that we were back on solid ground.

And the fiancé did help with the room. In fact he’s been doing more work than I have. All my time has been spent dress shopping for my mom’s dress for my wedding, and washing clothes.  In my next post, I’ll put up pictures of the progress so far.

Warning! Danger Zone!

Okay, so I’ve taken pictures of my apartment. It’s scary. I warn you, don’t have any impressionable small children on your lap when you view this. We really do have a long way to go. Getting off to a less-than-smooth start didn’t help. But I’m still feeling  pretty motivated. So here goes. Yikes, I can’t believe I’m actually putting these pictures up…

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I’m hoping those photos will show me how much work I have to do and visually show me the way to make it happen.