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What’s Hot Everywhere Else [still under construction]

Does anyone remember Paris Hilton’s catchphrase? “That’s hot.”? I never watched her show, but I’m still very aware of the words that came tumbling out of that very blond, size 15 shoe wearing rich girl. I’ll only ever admit it on this blog, but I think that phrase in my head a lot, and now you will all be subjected even more to what’s going on in my head.

The husband and I travel a lot, and we discover a lot of amazing places and things. I’m going to try to capture them here so you can visit some of these places and see how hot they are.

Hot factors include: food, music, drinks, atmosphere, price, and consumer review. There will be an additional point awarded for a place that just makes me feel good.

Each category will get 0-4 points awarded. With six categories (and the extra available point), the most any place/thing can get is 25 points. The least they can get is 0.

An example would be if I gave my local Potbelly restaurant a score (I’ll never score a chain restaurant for real).

Potbelly Sandwich Shop 5428 S. Lake Park Ave Chicago, IL Open 11am-9pm everyday

I’d Recommend: The Clubby (so good it’s not even on the main menu), the chili, the milkshakes, and the music when they occasionally have live musicians (if you like indie rock).

Stay Away From: Chocolate Brownie Cookie. It basically tastes like they didn’t let it finish cooking. Brownies are under-cooked.

Food (3); Music (1); Drinks (2); Atmosphere (1); Price (3); Consumer Review (3); Extra Factor (0)

Potbelly gets 13 points. They could improve their score if they had more music, better atmosphere, or something else that was worth drinking besides those amazing shakes.

So do you see how these would go? I would elaborate more and add pictures for places I’ve been. I started with places around Chicago, then expanded to NYC after the husband and I moved there. But since we do some traveling, I thought I’d add in other places as well if they really strike me as amazing.

What do you think?

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